Faith Baptist Church in Manchester Research Proposal

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The perception of the employees about the same will be assessed from the replies to the questionnaires from which it would be possible to derive the level of feeling among the employees about the fairness of the systems and procedures. The views of the employees regarding the impact of the systems and procedures on their motivation will also be assessed through the questionnaires. It is then possible to estimate the impact of organizational justice on the motivation of the employees.

Protection of Human Subjects

Voluntary Participation

Before administering the questionnaire, the person selected for administering the questionnaire will be informed of our choice and asked whether he is willing to participate in the process of the survey through the questionnaire. Only after the person agrees, the questionnaire will be sent to him/her, thereby ensuring that the participation is voluntary (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2012a).

No Harm to Participants

The questionnaire and interviews relate to the perceptions of the employees about some systems and procedures relating to their organization. There is no enquiry in the questionnaire about any outsider or outside agency and there is nothing offensive to anybody. So there is minimal possibility of any harm to participants (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2012a).

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Research Proposal on Faith Baptist Church in Manchester, Assignment

Informed consent of the participant will be obtained after
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