Faith and Beliefs Book Review

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Faith, Religion & Theology, Brennan Hill, Paul Knitter, and William Madges delve into an examination of faith. They begin by distinguishing faith from belief. Next, they discuss how faith relates to the mind, heart, and will and how the mind, heart, and the will participate in the faith response. They discuss active faith. Finally, they touch on all of the major religions and discuss the uniqueness of Christian faith. Taken together, these explanations of faith help explain the role of faith in Christianity.

Hill, Knitter, and Madges begin their discussion of faith by distinguishing faith from belief. The two ideas are very similar, but there is a fundamental difference separating them. "Faith is our trusting commitment to a relationship; whereas beliefs are the ideas, the truths, the cognitive content that are integral to our commitments. When beliefs change, the faith relationship can be altered" (Hill et al., 1997, p.24). This explanation makes it clear that the authors believe that faith is active and intentional, while belief can be both inactive and unintentional.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Book Review on Faith and Beliefs Assignment

That is not to suggest that the authors think that faith somehow belies belief. On the contrary, they believe that the mind plays a critical role in faith. "Faith is in one sense the human capacity to believe that the truth of the matter is somewhere out there to be discovered" (Hill et al., 1997, p.10). In fact, rather than suggesting that faith is something one should have without knowledge, the authors suggest that "faith in someone implies knowledge of that person," and think that religious faith has the same pattern (Hill et al., 1997, p.10). Therefore, there is a certain level of uncertainty that comes with faith, and that uncertainty does not undermine the faith. However, faith is not solely an intellectual endeavor. Faith involves emotions as well, and Hill et al. describe it as "resting in the closeness of another" (1997, p.14). It is knowing and trusting that loved ones will remain true and loving. Choosing to place that trust is how the heart interacts with faith. While both the heart and the mind can urge one towards faith, they… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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