Faith, Religion, and Theology. Book Review

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¶ … faith, religion, and theology.

While faith, religion, and theology are interrelated, it is important to understand that they represent different concepts. It is not uncommon for one to hear someone say, "I am not religious, but I am spiritual." Such a distinction indicates that people may not be able to define the different concepts, but that they have an inherent understanding that there some differences. Faith is what drives people to search for truth and makes them believe that there is some truth out there. Religion is not faith, but refers to the ceremonies and other rituals that might be linked to a particular faith. In fact, "Religion is structured in terms of creed, code, and ceremony" (p.3). Theology differs from both religion and faith. From a Christian perspective, "theology is…the process and the product of conversation between the Christian tradition and our contemporary situation" (p.4).

B) What are the two important elements of theology (for both theology in the narrow and broad sense)

Theology is a process and a product. First, as a process, theology is the way one reconciles modern religious expression with a religious tradition. The process element of theology is primary in its definition, reminding people that theology is an ongoing and fluid part of religious studies. In this way, "theology is a dynamic 'conversation' involving three basic conversation partners: a religious tradition, a contemporary situation, and a person engaged in understanding the tradition and the situation, and in relating them to each other" (p.286). Second, as a product, theology can refer to the result of those reflections on religious tradition.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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C) How do Catholics and Protestants differ in their view of the Bible?

Protestants believe that the Bible is the sole source of Christian belief, while the Catholic Church has allowed tradition to be a source of authority. For example, the Pope is said to be God's mouthpiece, and is able to provide extra-Biblical religious authority.

D) Explain the major claims of fundamentalism.

TOPIC: Book Review on Faith, Religion, and Theology. While Faith, Religion, Assignment

Fundamentalism impacts every religion, but the text focuses its examination on Christian fundamentalists. These fundamentalists claims that the Bible is infallible, that history should be interpreted through the Bible, that the apocalypse is coming, and focuses on the idea of the rapture to save the devout. This infallibility does not attach solely to the people who originally wrote the Biblical books, but also to the myriad number of translations that have led to the modern Bible. Fundamentalism impacts life outside of religious areas, for example, fundamentalists claim that the earth is only as old as it would be according to the Bible and that evolution did not occur. Therefore, it is fair to say that fundamentalism is critical of modern life, science, and any other advances that it views as taking people away from life as described in the Bible.

E) Explain how to understand the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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