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[. . .] The third and fourth children were both males; the fifth child was the first girl and it is quite evident that she was a 'spoiled' child. She displays an aggressive temperament and is very outspoken. The next two children were both males and were born one year and one day apart. These two individuals have a very close relationship. The eighth child was a girl, the ninth and ten were twin boys, and the eleventh and twelfth children were both girls. The last child is perceived throughout the family as being another spoiled child which is not surprising considering that she was the last one to leave the roost.

With so many children in the family, it is not surprising to discover that there are plenty of subsystems within the family. The first four boys form a group that is relatively close in age and character. They oftentimes vote the same manner when in family councils, and are looked to for leadership now that the father has passed away. The second subset are the next four children (two boys and two girls) each being born the in consecutive calendar years.

Another subset are the twin boys, both of whom are living away from the family at large but still maintain constant and close contact with each other. Finally the last two children form their own subset although it is rather loosely adhered to, since the last child is protected by the entire family. Other subsets include the males and the females, this could be also aligned with their upbringing in the sense that each gender has certain roles ascribed to it. Boundaries to the subset(s) seems to be very fluid and constantly changing, this can be attributed to the large numbers within the family structure.

Externally, the family is connected to the 'outside' through their spouses. Ten of the twelve children are currently married and there are 56 grandchildren. Additionally there are 18 great-grandchildren. Since the vast majority of the children are still married to the wives they initially married, there are less than a handful of step-children. Due to the large extended nature of this family there are plenty of outside influences, however, none are as strong as their religion. There are a large number of vocations represented, some professional, some manual, some entrepreneurial. Most of the children have completed higher educational degrees, and all seem to be very conservative in their political viewpoints. Many of the children are members of conservative groups, and all have jobs.

Contextually speaking the family's ethnicity is German, and all believe in hard work and perseverance (common German traits). They family is Caucasian in race. The family's social standing is very middle-class, although a number of the males are professionals who are employed as financial consultants, lawyers, and technology consultants. All seem to be solidly middle-class in income levels, although some earn more than others.

Few of the family members flaunt their wealth, all believe in savings and investments as preparation for the future. Almost to a man, they believe in food storage, and being prepared for any disasters. Their religion is very spiritual in nature, they all believe that they will be married forever, not just for this lifetime, if they are married in the LDS temple. Their beliefs concerning health care are not as stringent as some religions, but they do believe in keeping their bodies free of addictive substances such as; tea, coffee, caffeine, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Their lifestyles are very health oriented.

Most of the family members reside within driving distance and 3 of the 4 females and their families are live within 45 miles of each other. The males are much more spread out, with 1 in Utah, 1 in Colorado, 1 in Ohio, 2 in Illinois, 1 in Missouri, 1 in Indiana, and 1 in Qatar. The fourth female (firstborn girl) lives in Idaho. They all own homes although the one male in Ohio is currently in an apartment because he and his wife had recently moved there for health reasons before she passed away.


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