Family Dynamics Essay

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Family Dynamics

Comparative Discussion on Family Therapy Models

Family therapy is a complex process. The strategy that is suited for one family may be wholly inappropriate for another. This is why a wide variance of therapeutic model remain in circulation today. The discussion here offers a concise introduction to three popular theoretical models. An evaluation of the Cognitive Behavioral Model, Attachment-Focused Family Therapy and Individual Therapy should be useful in demonstrating the practical distinctions driving different therapeutic approaches.


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The Cognitive Behavioral model is designed to bring members of the family unit into direct contact with one another. This model relies heavily on the idea that our emotional predispositions are significantly attached to our relationships with other members of the family. However, the difference is primarily couched in the emphasis on greater interaction where cognitive strategies are concerned. To the point, the Cognitive Behavioral Model offers a strategy which coordinates the psychotherapy aspects of cognitive therapy with the need for stronger patterns of disclosure and openness of emotional communication within the scope of family relationships. The article by Waring & Russell (1980) tell that within their study "the relationship of cognitive self-disclosure in facilitating marital intimacy is developed. A case history is presented which describes the therapeutic process and suggests possible future research to understand what constitutes the specific change process in Cognitive family therapy." (Waring & Russell, p. 258)

Essay on Family Dynamics Assignment

This provides us with a basic understanding of the selected treatment mode as requiring the involvement of relevant parties from within the family unit. However, the Attachment-Focused Family Therapy strategy takes this facilitation one step further. Whereas cognitive behavior calls for the facilitation of more intimate engagement of family members, this model calls for this intimacy to be supplemented by an intimate involvement… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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