Family, Friendship and Love Term Paper

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None of these authors are suggesting that alimony should be immediately terminated on the strength of this argument. At least however, alimony should be terminated within a reasonable period of time when a newly divorced woman is able to secure work for herself.

Gay rights is a further issue that has enjoyed considerable attention in recent times. The most prominent issue is that of gay marriage. Mohr suggests that distinguishing between genders in order to define marriage is absurd, and that love and commitment should be the distinguishing factors. Human beings who are inclined to be together should thus not be deterred from doing so legally as a result of their gender.

It has been seen above, in the case of Russell especially, that values based upon biblical teachings have become somewhat arbitrary as opposed to being accepted without question. Thus homosexuality has increasingly been accepted as part of the diverse society, rather than condemning the phenomenon as perverse.

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Finally, it is the opinion of numerous authors within the readings that parents should be absolutely honest with their children regarding the above issues. In terms of sexuality, for example, Rusell demands that children should be told all that they wish to know about sexuality, with the result that they will grow up without the sexual dysfunctions imposed by negative religious and moral views usually established at childhood. This should also be the case regarding gender and gay roles, as well as rights. If a child is a girl for example, she should be taught that her place in the world will be the result of her actions, rather than decisions and norms imposed by society. Russell especially calls for honesty between parents and children. Children for example should never be made to feel ashamed for being curious about sexuality.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Family, Friendship and Love Are Assignment

The traditional in the above views thus differs significantly from the conventional. Conventionally, children are taught that sex outside of marriage is morally wrong. However, the new philosophy suggests that sex improves with practice, and that young people should be allowed the opportunity to experience sex before marriage in order to improve the experience within marriage. The relationship between parents and children has also evolved to become more open and honest. Whereas children in the past were mostly ignored and/or imposed upon to adhere to strict discipline, this is no longer the case.

The implication of the new set of morals appears to be both beneficial and detrimental. It depends on how the transition between the traditional and the new is handled. To ensure a more functional society, I believe honesty between parents and children relating to all of the above issues is crucial. It is also important to cultivate tolerance in order to ensure that the social fabric stretches rather than breaks as time and technology… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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