Research Paper: Family Oriented Community Park

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[. . .] In order to avoid the contract being rendered unenforceable and void, the governments should therefore agree with the contract. As it would be known, the governments will not take the responsibility for the construction contract. Furthermore, they will not pay for the material and the labor unless certain requirements are followed. Therefore, the government should be informed about the plan and their requirements should be noted properly.


Safety has become a major concern in the construction industry today and in the future.Safety itself basically means to maintain a decent working environment in the company. As a CPM, it is necessary to emphasize on this topic so that no conflicts take place (Friend & Kohn, 2007)

There should be jobsite safety survey conducted and organized with regular and necessary follow-ups. As mentioned earlier, the people in the team should attend meetings in which the environmental and safety details are provided. Furthermore, guidance and leadership should be provided in such a way that safety be successfully attained. First Aid should be given to the employees so that they would be able to take care of minor work related injuries.

It is very important to provide with precautionary equipment such as safety caps, gloves and goggles. These items would prevent accidents in the field.


Continuous risk appraisals and quality management measures should be adopted in order to maintain the quality of the environment. It should be seen that the project that is being undertaken right now does not pose any significant environmental impacts. The transport that would be required for this construction projects might contribute to environmental pollution. Furthermore, there were no vegetations or agriculture land where we are, making the park. Therefore, there will be no destruction of agricultural or vegetative land. As stated in the scope of the project a large percentage of the greenery and water bodies in the park will not be removed. This will not only preserve the environment, but it will also enhance the beauty of the park. Erosion and sediment control will be maintained in the site as well. There are no animals present that use this land as their eating or sleeping place. Therefore, evacuation of fauna is not a prerequisite in the environmental obligations. Furthermore, to control the noise pollution, the children playing areas are included in the middle of the park. This will ensure that no noise pollution is caused for the residential homes that are near the park.

Contracting processes

Contracting processes are basically made of a number of mixed tasks and activities. Every company has a different definition of what is denoted as a contracting process. In order to make sure that the documents and the contracts go in favor of the company, you should be sure of what it is you want. There should be comprehensive understating of the ultimate goals and objectives of the company. You should note down your scope of work keeping in mind the resources that are available.

Secondly, the contracts should last the time limit that has been predicted for the completion of several milestones. The secretary and the construction project manager should discuss the appropriate contracting approach for different members of the team. It might be suitable to provide the same contract for all the employees. You should write down your bid or proposal and see how the suppliers respond to your proposal.

Lastly, it is very important to create a negotiable environment and relationship with your suppliers (Hackett, 2007) This therefore provides both the parties with the ability to resolve conflict and work towards the completion of the project.

Technology Infrastructure and requirements

There will be requirement for technology and infrastructure for the creation of community center, eatery and the sports ground. We are working with a large land; therefore, special attention has to be given to the design of the park. Transport and management of the material also has to be carried out in a proper way.

Site organization

The organization of the site has been discussed quite thoroughly in the scope of the project. Over all, it should be noted that the site would be divided for different purposes. There is a sports area, elderly area and toddler's area. Furthermore, community centers and refreshment centers have also been added to the project.

Risks and Values

There are various risks and values involved in this entire project. Firstly, we have implemented this project after reviewing the needs of the residential community. However, with the changing trends towards technology, not a lot of people prefer visiting parks. There is a possibility that the expected outcome is lesser than what we have calculated. This would result in a loss for the restraint and eateries.

Another major risk involved is that the site on which the park is planned was initially a site for trash disposal. There is a risk involved that the site might still have various decontaminants and pollutants in the air. Even though proper decontamination and cleaning of the site would be carried out prior to the completion, the risk is still present.

Quality management and assurance

In order to assure that quality management is attained

Defective works and bad workmanship are some reasons that can result in the degradation of the quality of work (Pheng & Ke-Wei, 1996) If one really thinks about it; there are many reasons why a construction project can fail to meet the standards that have been established below. A study carried out I in a Research establishment company in the United Kingdom noted that 50% of the constructions failures were because of a poor design, 40% occurred because of poor and unorganized workmanship and 10% occurred due to product failure (Pheng & Tan, 1996) This clearly highlights the emphasis of organization and plan within a construction project plan.

When working on a project, leadership should be carried out and followed in a very precise manner. There should not be any ambiguities regarding the role and responsibilities of the leader (Lo,2002) Any conflicts present within this relationship will ultimately affect the entire team of the project. Included within the scope of leadership, the idea of good communication and support is very important to the success of the project. Therefore, a lot of importance should be given to team effort, support and good working relationship through the entire organization. Communication of orders and other concerns should be fast and should be done without any hesitancy.

Another thing that has to be given importance is the allocation of resources (Nickols, 1998) Where the members of the team are concerned with the government policies and safety regulations; they tend to compromise on resources. Even though the entire team should be empowered, however every authority ahs its limits. These polices and limits should be adherent while concerned with the allocation of resources

Supply chain and liabilities

The project manager should be aware of the material, cost, labor and time involved in the entire project. This means that he should know and have control over all aspects of the Supply chain. This would not only ensure a smooth finish to the project but would also make sure that no conflicts are created. As stated in the prior section, completion in time is a very important factor in determining the quality of the construction project. Therefore, maintaining a smooth supply chain and taking care of liabilities is very crucial in this entire project.


Over all, it is important that the entire project team work in a very integrated manner. The project manager has to ensure that all the elements are coordinated in an efficient manner. The team should be well aware of the scope of the project and therefore only do the work that was been listed. This is very important because there are many people who might want to add more things in the park. Shifting away from the scope of the project will result in a very haphazard arrangement and would really mess up the entire plan of the project.

Time is another thing that should be managed in an effective manner (Pheng, 1996) Compromises on the schedule and time create a very bad impression of the construction team. It reduces their reliability and that would be a big obstacle for future projects. There has been a lot of emphasis placed on the management of quality in the previous sections.

Future practices

A construction project is extremely challenging and complex but it can be completed successfully if all the parameters are strictly followed. The project manager should have top of the line communication and planning skills. He should be able to discuss the strategies and the plans with the other team members. Good planning, strategic leadership and a well-lined scope will ensure that the project is finished in a good and successful way.


Friend, M. And Kohn, J., 2007. Fundamentals of occupational safety and health. 1st ed. Lanham, Md.: Government Institutes.… [END OF PREVIEW]

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