Family Systems and Marriage Preparation Literature Review

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Family system theory does not only include aspects of dealing with the family of origin of eth couples but it also deals with the structure of the new family that the couple will want to engage in . Hence, another important aspect of the family systems theory is the recognition of the responsibilities that the couples feel they will like to fulfill as husband/wife and mother/father. Usually this preparation is initiated with recognition of the socially standardized distribution of tasks and responsibilities between the husband and wife. Then the couples relate their own opinions about how they would like to approach the tasks they need to fulfill and what responsibilities they would want to take on or pass on to their partners. This is a very important aspect of the family systems theory as it formulates the boundaries and expectations that the couple has off each other in the long run and leaves no stones unturned as far as the designation of responsibilities is concerned. There might be patterns here when family of origin influences might surface in the choices that the individuals make in terms of the designation of responsibilities as well (Stanley et al., 2006).

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This particular discussion on the designation of roles after marriage also paves way to revise the input of the family of origins that the couple might want in the long run i.e. In the lives of their children. Most couple through this preparation session must also draw lines between how much help they will take from their parents and on what issues will their parents' and families' opinions be isolated. This could include input of parents and families on education, morals, religion, etc. Again, the marriage preparation programs focus on family systems because it allows the individuals to deal with the reality of the situation that they will face beyond the fantasy of a wedding and never-ending romance. It allows them to deal with realistic events and how to deal with them i.e. The family planning with not just the influence and input of the family of origin but also dealing with the prospects of children and what they want to provide for them as well as how they go fulfilling these expectations (Marks, 2007).


Literature Review on Family Systems and Marriage Preparation Assignment

With the divorce rates sky rocketing in the past decades, the marriage preparation programs have gained tremendous popularity and significance. One of the important aspects of these marriage preparation programs are the focus on the family systems theory which allows the couple to mentally and practically prepare for the two primary realities: a) the input and influence of the family of origin, and b) the designation of roles and responsibilities when planning for a family of their own. The various aspects that are covered in these two aspects include: the cultural structures of the two families; the standards of the two families of issues of money and religion as well as how much of this is carried forward into their own personalities; the expectations of the minimum and maximum input of the parents and families; the minimum and maximum expectation off each other; the expectations of the fulfillment and designation of roles in the long run when starting a new family.


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