Fantasia 1940 1.5 James Algar Essay

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Therefore, he defected while on tour in Canada and received political asylum from the Canadian government. The dancer joined the American Ballet Theater for four years in 1974, popularizing traditional Russian ballets including "The Nutcracker" and "Don Quixote." He would eventually work for other companies as both a dancer and director, and has appeared in a number of feature films, cable television episodes, and stage performances (Abhinav, 2012).

There are a number of things I learned about this lesson on Baryshnikov. One is the enormous physical talents ballet dancers must have. The fact that he was renowned for his high leaps readily proves this point. Another is the universal influence of music. Although there were other reasons why this dancer defected, one was to be able to express himself with foreign dances and music. These dances and music were suppressed by the Soviet government. Lastly, this lesson underscores the relation between the arts as Baryshnikov danced, directed, and acted.

-Toccata and Fugue in D Minor-- Johann Sebastian Bach, the mood is big and dark, the organ and strings are used, I give it a 7

-- the Nutcracker Suite -- Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky, flutes, horns and strings, the mood is stately and energetic, I give it a 8.

-- the Sorcerer's Apprentice -- Paul Dukas, flutes, piccolos, oboes, clarinets, trumpets, the mood is playful, delightful, I give it a 9.

-- the Rite of Spring-- by Igor Stravinsky, strings, flutes, trumpets, the mood is raucous, I give it a 9

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-- the Pastoral Symphony -- by Ludwig van Beethoven, strings, trombones, flutes, the mood is stately and energetic, I give it an 8

-Dance of the Hours-by Amilcare Ponchielli, strings, flutes, brass, the mood is playful and ominous, I give it an 8

-Night on Bald Mountain -- Modeste Moussorgsky, trumpets, strings, percussion, the mood is dark and overbearing, I give it a 9

-Ave Maria -- by Franz Shubert, vocals, strings, clarinets, the mood is scary, I give it a 9.

TOPIC: Essay on Fantasia 1940 1.5 James Algar Assignment

In this lesson I learned the true value of composition. Most of the pieces in the film Fantasia use pretty much the same instruments. However, they have radically different feels. This degree of difference is largely attributed to the composition. Some of the better pieces are truly huge and scary. Yet these same instruments can make light and playful pieces as well.

The animated version of "Dance of the Hours" in Fantasia has a number of differences with the original opera version. One is due to the audience of these respective works, which is for children in the former and for adults in the latter. Therefore, the prima ballerina (the top ballerina) in the former, who accomplishes number of pirouettes (whirling around on one foot), jetes (a stoop before a leap), and other maneuvers that involve choreography (the arraignment of a dance), are performed by cartoon animals. The virtuoso ( person of great skill in the fine arts) performers are hippos, elephants and alligators, as opposed to people which imbues a sense of levity in the purpose of the dance that does not become as dark as that in the original ballet.

Ballet dancing is refined, light, and involves the wearing of formal costumes such as a tutu (a short, frumpy skirt). One of the most formidable ballet companies was the Kirov Ballet (a ballet production company in the Soviet Union). Certain Latin American inspired dances are less formal, such as the samba (a Brazilian dance in duple time), in which the rhythm of the drums is very important. Another example of a less structured dance from Latin America is the rumba (a dance of Cuban African origin with a complex rhythm), which emphasizes movements of the lower body. Ballroom dancing is a fairly stately form of dance with staid music and defined steps. Examples of ballroom dancing include the waltz (a dance for couples in ae time) and the foxtrot (a dance for couples in 4/4 time with both fast and slow steps).


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Stumpf II, R. (1995).… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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