Fashion Blogger Cairo: Heba Elkayal Essay

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Al Saidi's blog speaks to people beyond her own country and her own culture. She even has a picture of a woman in a Mickey Mouse sweater opening up the limits of what is considered to be fashion and this appeals to the people in Beirut and outside the nation as well. Even people who do not speak the language of people from Beirut will understand what she is trying to explain in her pictures and the modern style of the people of her land. [2: Deema J. Al Saidi. "Plush Beirut." Blogger, 2013. Accessed March 16, 2013.]


Noor Khraibut is a fashion blogger in Kuwait who focuses primarily on the work of Kuwaiti designers. She supports and encourages people to buy from many designer brands. Most of the designers she covers are from Kuwait, but she also promotes designers from outside Kuwait.[footnoteRef:3] In addition to this, she shows pictures from the behind the scenes of fashion, like what happens inside a factory. Within fashion there is this idea that it only concerns beautiful models and perfect designers. Showing this other side of fashion allows people to look at the industry in another way. There are unglamorous sides to the fashion industry. [3: Noor Khraibut. "Addicted Fashionista: Kuwaiti Fashion Junky for the Conscious." Blogger. Accessed March 16, 2013.]

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Al Saidi, Deema J. "Plush Beirut." Blogger, 2013. Accessed March 16, 2013.

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Khraibut, Noor. "Addicted Fashionista: Kuwaiti Fashion Junky for the Conscious." Blogger.

TOPIC: Essay on Fashion Blogger Cairo: Heba Elkayal Assignment

Accessed March 16, 2013.
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