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Early style inspiration came from childhood trips abroad to Asia, Africa, India and the Caribbean, as well as from her parents.

When Marant became dissatisfied with the selection of clothes in stores she decided to start making her own clothes. These early creations were made out of discarded material and soon many of her friends wanted her to make clothes for them. After her time at Bercot, she began an internship with Michel Klein in 1987. She also began working with Bridget Yorke and Marc Ascoli which helped jump start her career. In 1989 she launched her own collection. She was immediately very successful which she attributes to her time spent working with others. In 1994 she set up her own label with a studio in Paris and held her first fashion show in 1995. In 1997 she won the Award de la Mode .

Market Segment

Marant targets a young and hip crowd with her fashions. She tends to find the middle ground between the outlandish and the elaborate. According to her website " Marant's label is a 'melting mode', a trendsetter's favourite with its mix of minimalist and bohemian. The obvious femininity of floating dresses is offset by louche minimalist masculinity and unlike many of her Parisian contemporaries Marant's strain of chic has an almost affordable price tag."

Describing her Look

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Marant's look is very urban and modern. She avoids designing clothes that are too sexy and tends to address a more artistic approach to her style. Her clothes stand out but are not overly flamboyant. She designs jackets with interesting sleeves and pockets, day dresses in cool patterns and very slick and stylish boots. She combines a certain eclectic coolness with a trendy incorporation of her artistic influences outside of fashion.

Product Promotion

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Marant uses several different approaches to promote her clothing line. She has three stand-alone boutiques in Paris, nine scattered throughout Asia and one in New York. She also has wholesale locations located throughout America and Europe. Marant has a website where she promotes her current activities and previews some of her new fashions. Many famous movie stars such as Kirsten Dunst, Rachel Bilson and Cameron Diaz support her work and are frequently seen in her outfits.

Why She is Important

Marant is a very hot designer in today's fashion world. She has a unique but simple style that seems to capture the feeling of the times and many women adore her styles. She has captured the attention of the fashion world and has much influence on what women are wearing today. Her importance is measured in her ability to stay cool without selling out to the bigger retailers which inspires many young artistic designers who are looking for inspiration .

Comparing Marant and Furstenberg

Marant and Furstenberg are both high-quality designers but have a different approaches to their style and designs. Furstenberg is much older and experienced than Masant and are at different stages of their careers. Furstenberg is much more practical than Marant although Marant is not impractical. Furstenberg caters to more of a working class woman while Marant targets a more artistic and younger crowd of consumers. Marant definately has more of a European flair while Furstenberg is much more "New York." Marant's clothes tend to be more expensive and limited while Furstenberg is more of a general designer.

Both women are fine examples of how a career in the fashion world can be accomplished. Furstenberg's rapid climb to success and her troubled times adds a sense of experience to her work that allows her to not make as many mistakes today. Marant is now coming into her own and her future is very bright. I love both of these designers for different reasons.

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