Fashion Future Essay

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By establishing a consistent social media presence on the web, even a small house can generate buzz and convey the unique benefits of function and style created by the product. As a newcomer in the fashion world, I see myself becoming more technologically savvy over the next five years, and using a variety of social media to reach different segments of the market. The approach will be more directed to the consumer, versus through traditional magazines.

Relationships with retail portal sites that drive excitement with deals like Gilt will also become more important. "The internet has a noise and discovery problem," leading to consumers tending to linger at the same 'boring old sites' unless websites that showcase new and innovative companies and designers force web-surfers out of their comfort zone (Chen 2012). If an online consumer sees an interesting link on Pinterest or reads about a new product showcased on a blogger's website, he or she is more likely to expand his or her horizons. Getting to consumers and encouraging consumers to 'share' their purchases and preferences will be a vital part of the direction of mainstream fashion and how it is evolving.

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While celebrities will still be important in terms of setting style trends, ordinary consumers will have more of a hand in how trends evolve, and fashion industry insiders must reach out to them to cultivate relationships. I seek to bring this innovative approach to the new world of fashion. With hard work and a willingness to make sacrifices -- perhaps by beginning in a lower-paid internship to 'learn the ropes' and seeking to educate myself in my free time to the potential uses of technology in fashion merchandizing and design -- I hope to become a part of the fashion world of tomorrow.

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