Fashion and Identity Essay

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For example, women who dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn (circa Breakfast at Tiffany's) are not just communicating their love of little black dresses, but are also expressing an even deeper desire to have a "fly by night" lifestyle of the socialite Holly Golightly in the most carefree and irreverent manner.

As this paper has demonstrated, clothes and fashion don't just allow one a certain level of social distinction with which to connect their identity, they are also used as a means of asserting one's inclusion or popularity within a given social group. "To follow a fashion is to imitate the norm so that outsiders (such as those wearing sundresses) feel uncomfortable while the outsiders enjoy the feeling of inclusion" (Dant, 1999: 87). Thus, fashion becomes another way of expressing one's right to socialize with a certain group of people, or one's right to receive a certain level of treatment. Fashion thus allows one to assert one's identity as either cool or popular or "with it" and hip. These are all ways which are modes of expressing value on oneself, much like the hip hop artists who cover themselves in luxury items and bling.

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Fashion and the connection with identity can also manifest as a means of demonstrating one's differentness. Thus, in this manner, one dresses differently than the norm as a means of expressing one's own uniqueness; once the masses start to copy this particular mode of style, the fashion no longer becomes fashionable and desirable (Entwistle, 2000). Thus, fashion in terms of identity can be expressed with this level of duality: it can at once be used as a means of inclusion to a desirable social group: this is often when fashion is used in connection to class, something which is nearly inescapable in terms of fashion (Kaiser, 2014). Alternatively, it can also be used as a means for differentiating oneself from others as more important or more desirable, stamping oneself with the mark of the extraordinary.

TOPIC: Essay on Fashion and Identity Assignment

Thus, this paper has sought to demonstrate the very hard and fast connection between fashion and one's personal identity. Essentially, fashion is a very strong means of expressing one's personal identity, along with a projection of where one is from and one's cultural background. Like all things, these aspects can be adjusted and tweaked to demonstrate the aspect of the self that one wishes to set forth over others. Fashion is not always an accurate expression of one's identity, but can sometimes make up the desired appearance of the individual. Regardless of the desires of the individual, consumption patterns will definitively be impacted, based on the identity one wishes to be identified with and the image that they desire to put forth.


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