Term Paper: Fashion Industry Answers a Need

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Fashion industry answers a need and does not make consumers buy unnecessary items. Fashion's primary purpose is to distinguish members of different cultural groups. In this way, fashion has existed as part of society since prehistoric times. While modern fashion appears to take cultural differentiation to an extreme, an examination of previous trends shows that some fashion choices have always been extreme. Therefore, the fashion industry answers an existing need.

While fashion may have many purposes, its primary purpose is to distinguish members of different cultural groups. Whether discussing different tribes in Africa or different cliques in a modern American high school, sociologists can use fashion to determine group membership. More importantly, people inside the various groups can determine group membership by observing an individual's choice of fashion.

In addition, this use of fashion predates written history. Drawings and other artistic renderings make it clear that people have long used clothing and other adornments to help establish group identity. From the toga to the miniskirt, fashion has helped… [END OF PREVIEW]

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