Fashion Industry Essay

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Fashion Industry

The so-called "Grandfather paradox" refers to a situation in which a person could turn back in time and perform the murder of his or her grandfather because he or she hates him. It is known that grandfather's death occurred in the year of 1957 from natural causes. The time travelling machine though takes the grandson to 1921.The question which arises regards the very possibility for such a crime to take place. The matter has been formulated by a division in two possible arguments.

According to the first argument the grandson has what it takes and if he has what it takes he can kill the grandfather. The conclusion is that he can kill the grandfather. According to the second argument, he did not kill the grandfather and if he did no kill him then it mean he can not kill him. The conclusion thus deriving is that he can not kill the grandfather.

Analyzing the first argument it is obvious that a contradiction appears. If one kills his grandfather before he conceives an offspring who will be the very father of the assumed assassin, then the assassin, let's call him Tim can not be born in the first place. Assuming that Tim goes back in time after his parent what already born and has all the required conditions in order to kill his grandfather, it could be safe to assert that he kills him indeed. But there is a factual information according to which the grandfather died from natural causes. The contradiction is so big that it makes us consider the entire affirmation false.

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The analysis of the second argument proves to be more complex. Just as Paul Horwich puts it, the fragility of the argument derives from the logical connection between the premises, which is directly causal. If Tim did not kill his grandfather then it results that he can not kill him. It is only common seems to acknowledge that there are many things which we do not do even if we can do them and the fact that we have not performed them does not determine our capacity of performing them.

TOPIC: Essay on Fashion Industry Assignment

Lewis on the other hand focused on the importance of the context. According to him the capacity of a person to do something depends on the circumstances he or she finds himself in. In other words somebody many be able to do something in a certain context and unable to do it if the context differs.

Therefore, from his perspective, both arguments can be proved to be unsound. Under the circumstances in which grandfather died in 1957, then it is obvious that Tim can not kill the grandfather and so the premise "Tim can kill grandfather" will result to be false. If we assume that there is no information regarding neither grandfather nor Tim after the date of 1920, then "Tim can kill grandfather" becomes a true premise and "Tim can't kill grandfather" is false. The overall argument is thus unsound.

It must be underlined that the arguments are proven to be unsound but for this different contexts are needed. According to Lewis' claim, in order to obtain a contradiction, the same context would be needed in order to prove both arguments to be false. Since this condition is not fulfilled then the "Grandfather paradox" can not be considered a challenge for the philosophical issue of time travelling.

The perdurantists believe that objects persist throughout time by having temporal parts. This means that a person is made up by herself today, herself yesterday and herself tomorrow. The sum of all these moments or better said, existing-in-time parts is what makes sure that a person benefits from an identity. This theory explains how a person is always the same but differs in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Fashion Industry Essay

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