Essay: Fashion Industry

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Fashion Industry 2009

America's economic downturn has had an undeniable impact upon the fashion world: not only are consumers buying less, they are also shifting their fashion allegiances to less pricy brands, and buying more clothes from discount merchandisers than department stores and boutiques. Consumers that once patronized Macys are now favoring Target: significantly, Macy's Inc. has had to "eliminate 7,000 jobs, almost 4% of its workforce, and cut capital spending, reduce its contributions to its employees' retirement funds and slash its dividend to preserve cash amid a severe pullback in consumer spending," while the luxury store Neiman Marcus has cut about 375 jobs, or 3% of its workforce ("Macy's slashing up to 7,000 jobs," AP, 2009). When consumers cut back, especially given their former retail buying binge, they are more apt to scrimp on clothing, viewing it as a luxury item than utility bills. They reach into their closets rather than into their wallets. When they do buy clothes, such as school clothing for a growing child, they are more apt to go to Wal-Mart where temptations are less obvious than to the shopping mall: the second-largest owner of shopping malls in the nation, General Growth Properties Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April ("Mall giant files for bankruptcy protection," AP, 2009).

True, fascination with style remains. Of particular note is the new focus on the First Lady's… [END OF PREVIEW]

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