Fashion Management Programs in London Essay

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Graduate Diploma Fashion Management in London.

Why did you choose this program? What will be the benefits?

While I have a solid grounding in design and management from my studies at Parsons and my experience in several international businesses, I am seeking an opportunity to deepen my understanding of fashion management. A number of attributes of the Graduate Diploma Fashion Management program are unique and address the critical components I need to further my understanding of and connections with the fashion industry: practical and project-based interdisciplinary coursework, a network of university partners from the UK fashion and merchandising industry, and international underpinnings. The London College of Fashion has a peerless reputation for staying well ahead of the curve -- indeed, LCF is known globally as the place to be if your goal is to study fashion.

Open the work experiences more in the resume and explain them a little bit more.

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One of my key responsibilities at C24 Gallery in New York is to be an effective bridge between the creative and business worlds. I serve as the public face for the gallery and for the artists we represent. Every component of the exhibition cycle falls within my purveyance, from public relations to post-show feedback. I particularly enjoy preparing for and participating in interviews with the journalists; I have the opportunity to generate and implement PR strategy, and then assess the response in the press and by the public.

Essay on Fashion Management Programs in London Assignment

Working in the Ralph Lauren Furniture Department in Moscow allowed me to wear many hats, a factor that made the job especially interesting and provided a rich opportunity to develop management experience. I helped to establish and manage in-store marketing programs and retail events, components of the job that required business acumen and cultural sensitivity. My more creative side was engaged when I was able to offer consultation on customers' design choices. I was also able to contribute to the inner workings of the department, such as ordering, shipping and receiving, and managing customer files.

3) Explain the Design and Management program in Parsons University in NYC and associated benefits.

The essence of the Parson's Design and Management program is the development of people who live a creative life, contributing their talents and ideas to "an increasingly designed world." As a Parsons graduate, I have learned how to make design more than a visible or functional attribute. Because of my Parson's training, I recognize that design… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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