Fashion the Misappropriation of Native Research Paper

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It is highly likely that what the Navajo are doing will be the wave of the future. Native American imagery is often highly aesthetic, so much so that Vogue and other haute couture magazines are catching onto the trend and marketing Native-inspired wear. If more and more Native companies can emerge onto the high fashion catwalks, then the scales would be more in balance. As of now, Vogue and other magazines depict models "wearing Native-inspired fashions and including no Native American designers, photographers or other consultants in the process," (Nittle).

One Austin, Texas manufacturer and retailer forged a close tie with the Navajo nation because he wanted to use the tribal name. Fermin Navar and his business partner Phil Brader "signed a 75-year licensing agreement with the Navajo Nation in 2007 that allows them to sell skin care products and clothing under the Navajo name in exchange for a share of the profits," ("Navajo Nation Fights Urban Outfitters Over 'Disrespectful' Clothing Line"). A prime example of a win-win situation, the Navar example shows that when it comes to the law, "the design doesn't matter; it's the use of the name Navajo," ("Navajo Nation Fights Urban Outfitters Over 'Disrespectful' Clothing Line"). The designs used in high fashion collection, including moccasins and feathers, can be rendered in ways that are culturally sensitive. However, the most socially responsible method of action is to hire more Natives who can consult as to the most harmonious rendition of their tribal traditions.

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Fashion the Misappropriation of Native Assignment

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