Research Proposal: Fashion Photography

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Fashion photography is an interesting research area because of various reasons. On the one hand, it is safe to state that it reflects the needs and desires of the society where it is produced. On the other hand we could state that fashion photography is one of the main instruments through which companies impose trends. These refer not only to what people should be wearing, but to what they should be thinking as well. More than a communication medium, fashion photography has the power to influence people's ideals regarding life style and also the construction of the social persona.

Programme of study

Under these circumstances, I believe that a research topic such as the evolution of fashion photography could provide us with a deeper insight upon the evolution of society as well. In addition, it would be interesting to see how the power dynamics of fashion photography on the one hand, and of society on the other have switched the position of dominating power. Furthermore, it would also be interesting to see the manner in which the development of technology has had an impact upon the development of fashion photography. The relation between art and fashion photography is another aspect that could be researched and analyzed, taking into consideration the latest trends according to which the boundaries between fine art and commercial photography are more and more blurred. As a case study we could take into consideration the fashion photographers who have had the greatest influence upon the evolution of fashion photography. It would be very interesting to see how their style has evolved throughout the years and which have been the elements that touched people in a relevant manner. And since what we are dealing with is the construction of meaning through visual means, the research should also be based upon analyses in this area. Last but not least the manner in which fashion photography approaches the issue of gender, reflecting or imposing social trends could also be an exciting part… [END OF PREVIEW]

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