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Pick of the Week

"Death Becomes Her," the Costume Institute's latest feature exhibition, launched just in time for Halloween but will continue to haunt you until it dies Feb 1, 2015. A rare peek at the attire of mourning, "Death Becomes Her" features mourning attire from 1815 to 1915. Although the exhibition would have been strengthened by the addition of multi-cultural mourning attire, as it stands, "Death Becomes Her" delves deep into the evolution of attitudes and customs surrounding death in Anglo society. Highlights of the exhibit include mourning gowns worn by Queen Victoria and Queen Alexandra. Don your best black and don't miss it.

"Death Becomes Her," (2014). Metropolitan Museum of Art. Retrieved online:

Also on the Horizon

The Fashion Institute of Technology is hosting one of the more captivating exhibitions of the season with "Dance and Fashion," an exploration of the interface between these two linked arts. Fashion designers have been as influenced by dance as choreographers and dancers have been inspired by the costumes they wear. Organized by Valerie Steele, a wide range of dance forms and their costumes will be on display at the FIT until January 3, 2015.

Reference: Fashion Institute of Technology (2014). Dance and Fashion. Retrieved online:

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