Fashion of School Students Starts With Blasting Essay

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¶ … fashion of school students starts with blasting music and outrageous clothing that marks the symbol of new generation. However, presently the minds of children accommodates more than the simple school fashions like studying for tests, the downright deadly homework they are performing. The movie Dangerous Minds represents Michelle Pfeiffer as an inner city teacher who strives hard to maintain her students alive sufficiently longer to learn something. She opined that education is everything that enables one to move mountains through that, especially the people who feel very confined by their environment. It is the one thing they don't have to feel confined by. The movie Dangerous Minds is believed to depict that the children have enough liberty to do or become anything. Irrespective of the background, whether it is socio-economical or from the educational system or the family the children have plenty of choices. (Interview with Michelle, Pfeiffer: Dangerous Minds)

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It is opined that faith of the size of mustard seed can move mountains and nothing will be impossible. Physically having faith is not necessitated to move mountains. The nature is performing the job. As human beings it is also possible for us to blow up mountains or create tunnels through them and also create new mountains out of the debris. All in these cases faith is not needed to move the physical mountains. Jesus refers that mountains which are to be moved with faith are somewhat bigger, harder and even more durable than the physical mountains. These mountains are even harder since they are hardly visible. We even are not aware of their existence. However, their growth is steady and slow. They do not broke out suddenly after some personal earthquake, they grow slowly but the remnants are accumulated in out souls by daily life while we move with our business, while we perform our jobs in a routine manner. (And Now For Something Completely Different)

Essay on Fashion of School Students Starts With Blasting Assignment

Such mountains are created by the accumulation of debris of the normal. Such mountains of heart are visualized as metaphors; however, are quite real. Similar to the physical mountains they erect as irresistible planks to isolate one from another, they deter those standing on the one side from seeing the other side. The mountains in our hearts isolate us from the true desire of our hearts. Such mountains are created from the desires that cannot be satiated. They perpetuate from the pride and ambition, arrogance, idolatry of work, love of victory, love of the legal and indifference to the moral and love of the wealth and power that our acquisitions can entail. Such mountains call upon our integrity that strives to connect our faith, our values, our personal lives and our professional lives, etc. with oneness.

Saint Augustine could successfully depict in the Confession's parable of the stolen pears the way he resorted to stealing something he really did not desire but pleased him to steal. He loved the pleasure of contravention that finally shamed him. Therefore, according to him in our self-absorption and pride, and discovering ourselves in loving and desiring things that, if we really understands ourselves, only if we really attentive to our hearts, we would not really desire. Rather we resort to create mountains of desire that erects between us and our true selves, our true desires, our needs for communion, our desire for God. Augustine opined that we are able to move such mountains with carefully choosing the path of love. He has the belief that God's grace for our faith to move mountains is needed as a result of which the tiny seeds of faith may produce root and give rise… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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