Fashion and Technology Exhibition Assignment Essay

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Fashion and Technology Exhibition

Exhibition Assignment

The fashion and technology exhibition at fit museum

Since conception, technology has grown tremendously. It has continued to influence every sector of the world, business, education, security and the others. Art and fashion are not an exception either. The involvement of technology in the industry is notably evident in the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). The museum at the institute has been in existence since 1969. It was moved to the present building in the early 1974, and it started operations of presentations in 1975. It is an accredited institution dealing in the lucrative business of fashion, having won several awards from the innovative exhibitions such as The London Fashion, The Corset Fashioning the Body and several other shows. The commercial collections consist of thousands of permanent collections of garments. The policy the museum uses to collect the garments is focused on the aesthetic and historical significance of the clothing, accessories, visual materials and textiles.

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The museum at fit boasts of quality and authentic collections. Moreover, since it moved to the current building, the museum has continued to grow and expand gradually. This has created the need for renovations and further expansion. The museum, which consists of three gallery exhibitions, is quite well designed. However, the setting of the space in the main floor of the museum needs to be revisited. The space is not well used. There are a lot of misplacements, resulting in inadequate space from the entrance to the exit. This is as a result of the many artifacts that the museum offers. In addition, the space at the entrance is crowded with welcoming displays that contribute to the crowding. The inside display sections are also not well arranged, leading to wastage of space.

TOPIC: Essay on Fashion and Technology Exhibition Assignment the Fashion Assignment

The museum is quite famous, with many visitors frequenting the place every day. As one enters the museum, he or she is greeted by a mixture of feelings creating a mood that is quite complicated to describe. Every person who enters the place for the first time usually is excited by the quality of collections hence is in an excited mood. However, as the person gets into the museum, the moody turns gloomy. The museum setting and the use of the space creates confusion as the there is no clear setting of the direction to take.

The moody and mixed feeling experiences are brought mainly by the crowding at the entrance. The pushing and waiting witnessed at the entry causes the individuals' excitement to wear out. Furthermore, the lighting installation is quite gloomy and thus, creates a gloomy mood. The installations for storing the collections are also quite outdated and less attractive. The museum needs to install better quality display tools and improve on the lighting and security installations. Moreover, the issue of the lack of directions for people visiting as to which paths to follow also makes one confused. It causes the visitor feel tired and lose interest in the exhibition.

For one to understand the order of objects, one has to read for themselves what is written on the exhibits. This is not encouraging as one may not remember to check or may not know. The space does not encourage persons to linger about in the space. The lack of adequate space causes people to feel like walking through to the next station and get out fast. This is because of the crowding due to the space available. The mood in the atmosphere of the hall, in addition, causes the space… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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