Fast Food Channels Term Paper

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Fast Food Channels

The foundations of fast food marketing is in a sense the poster child for mass marketing in the United States. Fast food and franchising chains are in fact one of the clearest and most linear examples of mass marketing in the world, expanding rapidly as fads and needs of the population change. For this reason there has been a historical sense in the industry of solid ground, in marketing, as long as the industry is timely in its market response to fad and change. Some fast food companies have been more or less effective at this goal, and usually exponential expansion and profit growth demonstrate this strength. ("Health Claims Are Junk," 24) Changes in the current market, such as the current popularity of certain food or beverage, such as specialty coffee drinks and/or other, products and/or as is the most recent trend, healthier eating and/or corporate civic responsibility. To respond to these market changes the industry has had to utilize market channels, previously not familiar to them, and especially in the case of modern environmental concerns and healthy eating.

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One chain even held a healthy market campaign that stressed the number of new salads offered and partnered them with pedometers as a sort of adult happy meal toy for several weeks at the launch of the program. Another chain has recently announced the removal of trans fat from their chicken product, marketing the product as off the taboo list, even though the actual health of the product could still be seen as marginal. To those who do not utilize fast food, these tactics seem like propaganda, but to most consumers the market channels receive favorable response with continued utilization and increased sales.

Term Paper on Fast Food Channels Assignment

Market channels that respond to healthier eating and corporate civic responsibility have in a sense seemed to be a necessity that responds to deliberate smearing of a given organization. ("Fast Food for THOUGHT;" NA) the market channels include both popular and niche print and electronic markets, and in fact inclusion in print and electronic materials that is similar to the ever expanding natural and organic foods markets. One fantastic example is the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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