Fast Food Nation Chapter Essay

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Jobs that pay a decent wage that will form the new backbone of the American economy, such as jobs in medicine to care for a rapidly-aging population, would seem to be more valuable occupations in which to train workers.

The high turnover in the fast food industry belies the claims that it is helping employees. Employees are more likely to remain within organizations that make an investment in their skills and development as people. Workers know that they are disposable. When faced with poor treatment, they act accordingly. The high turnover also suggests that the discipline the company claims to teach to employees hardly has taken hold. Furthermore, the attitudes of employees to their jobs are contemptuous and filled with barely-concealed rage, given their low pay and lack of advancement. Workers routinely act in an unsanitary manner on the job, despite what they are taught, because of sublimated rage they feel for the company and customers. This hardly exemplifies the success of training programs.

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The real attitude of the companies towards labor is revealed in policies such as Taco Bell where "the bonuses of the mangers were tied to their success at cutting labor costs" (Schlosser 61) This points to both the instability of fast food workers' long-time employment prospects at the company and the real attitude with which their managers regard them. Although it is true that the 'real world' often expresses contempt for worker loyalty, regards workers as disposable, and does not honor the commitment made by workers with a strong work ethic, this hardly supports the decision of the government to channel valuable dollars to subsidize employee training programs that ultimately disempower workers in the labor market.

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