Term Paper: Fast Food Nation the Ramifications

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[. . .] " Technology had evidently been detrimental to the welfare of animals raised as livestock for food production purposes. This was apparent in the knocking process described by Schlosser as follows: "Cattle walk down a narrow chute and pause in front of him ... And then he shoots them in the head with a captive bolt stunner- and compressed-air gun ... he misses a few times and shoots the same animal twice. As soon as the steer falls, a workers grabs one of its hind legs, shackles it to a chain, and the chain lifts the huge animal into the air" (169). This description put into focus how the meat production industry had created a system in which the reality that prevailed was that cattle are raised and cultivated only to be slaughtered in an inhumane manner.

Globally, fast food industries and its related technologies such as advancement in meat generation, processing, and preservation had also resulted to the thriving of harmful organisms that develop within the human system to produce illnesses, such as the one caused E. coli bacteria, or the animal affliction foot-and-mouth disease. The E. coli bacteria was one of the organisms that had learned to thrive in favorable meatpacking conditions, wherein its effect may range between a simple metabolism problem such as diarrhea to acceleration of the illness that can cause eventual death (200). Despite increased progress in the production of more meat products for the fast food industries, there had been considerable detrimental consequences that led to worldwide spread of illnesses that would otherwise have not been developed had the meatpacking industry not been greedy enough to sacrifice quality and environmental packing conditions for the sake of profit and increased production.

Work cited

Schlosser, E. (2002). Fast Food Nation: the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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