Fast Food Is a Phenomenon Term Paper

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As mentioned above, this tends to increase the sales and the consumption of fast foods with consequent detrimental health effects. Advertising also leads to false perception about the nutritional value of fast foods.

Heavy viewing has been shown to be related to low nutritional knowledge and incorrect perceptions about the validity of nutrition claims in food commercials, as well as greater consumption of nonnutritious foods such as candy, salty snacks, and desserts ... In addition, Donohue, Meyer, and Henke ( 1978 ) found that 7 out of 10 children thought that fast foods (e.g., McDonald's) were more nutritious than the food they had at home.

(Signorielli and Staples 292)

This is further exacerbated by the tendency in the industry to offer more food at cheaper prices, which increases the danger of obesity and it related diseases.

The option to "super size" portions for an additional 39 cents seems like a good deal?

it provides a larger portion of french fries and a drink. With portions already two to five times the size of the original, super sizing fries and a drink significantly increases a buyer's consumption of fat and calories.

( Shortt J. 2004)


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In the light of these criticisms the fast food industry has attempted to fight back. They have argued that the blame for obesity and food related illness is not really the fault of fast food because most Americans " ... eat 75% of their meals at home." (Fast-Food Industry Responds to Fat Charges) Furthermore industry leaders such as McDonalds have attempted in recent years to deal with the increasing amount of criticism by reducing fat content and introducing more healthy eating alternatives as well as by reducing harmful ingredients. However, many critics point out that this does little to change the harmful nature of fast foods and their dangerous prevalence on society.


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Term Paper on Fast Food Is a Phenomenon Assignment

(This is an extremely useful article as it covers some of the main reasons why fast food products are detrimental to health. The article was particularly good at outlining the negative aspects of processed foods.)

Berlau, John. "Big Food Fight: When Big Tobacco Was Taken Down by a Rash of Lawsuits, Consumers Were Assured That Other 'Bad' Products Wouldn't Be Targeted. But the Fast-Food Industry Appears to Be Next." Insight on the News 15 July 2002: 12+. Questia. 27 Aug. 2005 .

(An important article that deals not only with the health issues facing the fast food industry but also with the legal aspects and the comparison between the tobacco and fast food industries.)

Fast food industry in firing line. BBC. August 25, 2005.

(A BBC article which provides insight into some of the latest developments in the fast food industry.)

Fast-Food Industry Responds to Fat Charges; Study Shows Americans Eat Most Meals at Home, Consume Larger Portions. Newspaper article; The Washington Times, July 3, 2003.

(A short but very informative article, which attempts to show the other side of the picture from the point-of-view of the fast food industry. The article clearly outlines some arguments put forward by the industry in its defense. )

Pardue, Leslie. "Fighting Fat: Most Fast Food Chains Offer Slim Pickins for Healthy Eaters, but a Square Meal Is Possible." E. Apr. 1995: 50+. Questia. 27 Aug. 2005 .

( A significant magazine arrive dealing focusing on the quality of the food offered at fast food outlets.)

Schlosser Eric. Fast-Food Nation: The True Cost Of America's Diet. 1998. Rolling Stone magazine. Accessed August 25, 2005.

(An in-depth article by a well-known expert in the field which, while a bit dated, provides a comprehensive overview of the problem of fast food and health in the United States.)

Signorielli, Nancy, and Jessica Staples. "Television and Children's Conceptions of Nutrition." Health Communication 9.4 (1997): 289-301.

(An insightful article on the affects of television and the media on children -- with a particular focus on the way that the media affects the consumption of fast foods.)

Controlling the global obesity epidemic. Accessed August 26, 2005 from WHO Web site:

( A concise article from the WHO which outlines the most pertinent facts on the issue)

Shortt, Janet Obesity?

a public health dilemma. AORN Journal; 12/1/2004;

(A succinct overview of the problem with special reference to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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