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, dad worked and they all came home for dinner at the same time each night. Today,. However, mom and dad have different work schedules, the children have soccer, band, cheerleading and other activities at all different times of the day and a family sit down meal is almost impossible. Fast food creates the ability to feed everyone at the times they have to eat. Whether it is providing funds for family members to hit a fast food place while out or bringing home a fast food meal at the exact moment everyone is converging in the house before taking off again, fast food has become the answer.

Fast food does provide an opportunity to eat in healthy ways. Just as a grocery store provides high fat and low fat products, the fast food industry has begun to as well.

"Many people cannot get by without fast foods due to their life situation. However, you can eat a healthy and balanced diet if you observe a few simple rules (Fast food as a sign of the times

"Try low-fat varieties and if possible add vegetables, salad, fruit or whole-grain products - "5-a-day" is essential, even with fast foods.

Drink: Favor mineral water, unsweetened fruit juices, or tea. Sugared soft drinks (colas, ice tea, etc.) provide unnecessary calories. Alcoholic drinks are not recommended, especially during the day.

When you frequently eat fast foods, you should intentionally supplement other meals: breakfast with milk products, fruits and granola; snacks and main meals with fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products. (Fast food as a sign of the times "Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Fast Food Sara Had Worked Assignment

Recently the fast food industry has come under fire and moved to the forefront of attention when it comes to standards. This very examination actually provides a safe haven for consumers to eat in. The industry is being so closely scrutinized for standards of practice that restaurant chains are demanding that their employees follow standards of cleanliness that may not be matched by sit down restaurants or family kitchens (Fast-food restaurants face legal grilling

Fast food also allows for portion control. If one wants to watch one's calories and fat intake one simply stays away from the super size meals. At home people can go back for seconds, and eat as much as they wish from the leftovers. This can create absent minded eating of additional calories each day. With fast food the portion is weighed out and once it is gone and the bag or box thrown in the trash it is over until the next meal. This provides a natural stopping point when it comes to the absent minded eating that often occurs when someone cooks a meal in the kitchen (Fast-food culture serves up super-size Americans

Stop blaming people or their genes -- it's an abundance of unhealthy, heavily advertised, low-cost food that underlies the nation's obesity crisis.

The final benefit of the fast food industry has nothing to with the consumption by individuals at all. The industry itself provides hundreds of thousands if not millions of career opportunities for men and women around the globe. Many teens get their start in the working world through a fast food job. Parents provide health benefits to their families by working their way up to management in the fast food industry and the industry provides many jobs to those who would otherwise be on the welfare rolls.

"Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce - but don't hold back on benefits for part-time employees. That's the message to fast-food restaurant owners from a Purdue University survey of wages and benefits in the industry (Employee Benefits for Fast-Food Key "

The fast food industry is an ever changing world of food products. With the recent focus on low fat and low carb the fast food industry has had to change its ways to adapt to the demand. This and other changes have made the fast food industry health conscience which refutes the old argument that it is filled with nothing but unhealthy choices.

Today's consumer does not have time to plan meals, shop for the ingredients, cook the meals and sit down to leisurely dinners and lunches together. Instead, the need to eat is being provided for with fast food. Fast food restaurants are tuned into the needs of consumers and with the new healthy choices, along with the old familiar products the industry provides a valuable service to the majority of American families.


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