Fast Food Essay

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Fast Food

As a kid my mother was very health conscious. We were not allowed to eat chips, sugary cereals or soda with sugar. To go to McDonald's was a huge deal in my family and it was something that happened very rarely, but when it did happen, it was a completely different experience from how things are today in the fast food world. For example, as a kid I remember the proportions being much smaller. I remember a regular hamburger and fries were what is now the size of a kid's meal -- perhaps smaller. It was enough food to fill you up and not wreak havoc on one's waistline. When my parents divorced my dad pretty much became a bachelor again with full bachelor mentality. When we stayed with him he would give me and my sister money and we would go to McDonald's or Burger King to get food and we would literally pig out on Big Macs and Large Fries. My mom said that we were visibly fatter when we would come home from a long stay with my father. Fast food somehow became something u-special, something that was more for gluttons than for people who wanted a quick and healthy (and convenient meal).

Pollan has a very intelligent and informed opinion about fast food in this country. He notes that there are now better practices when it comes to slaughtering animals for fast food and McDonald's has stopped using genetically modified potatoes, but there are still major problems in their industry. The fact that a hamburger can have the number of calories that one should eat in an entire day is ridiculous. They tout healthy options such as salads, however, many of their salads have more calories than a regular burger.

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I had a friend who worked for McDonald's in high school and (this is a true story) she stole a bag of lettuce from work (for what reason I have no idea, either I have just forgotten or chosen consciously to forget). She put it in the trunk of her car (this was in summer) and forgot about it essentially. She opened her trunk about 10 days later and the lettuce was still there in its plastic bag -- not even wilted, not even brown. It was essentially the exact same color and texture as when she put it in there. I am not a farmer or a lettuce specialist, but it seems that lettuce should start to rot in a stuffy trunk in the dead of summer.

Essay on Fast Food Assignment

Pollen brings up so many important issues when it comes to fast food and he essentially combines school food into that category of fast food because it is, for the most part, not the best meat or vegetables, and it is cheap moreover. School lunches have come to represent not healthy and balanced meals for growing children but fattening and unsellable food that nobody else would buy. This is what we are feeding our children who are growing and it… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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