Faulkner's Story Essay

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To her, wearing her preferred dress and hat with a pair of gloves is the most important virtue. O'Connor makes the grandmother the central character as a representative of traditional attitude of her generation that is responsible for the issues ailing the state. She uses her influence to instill derogatory traditional ideas on her children as well as her grandchildren. She fails to perform a self-judgment, turning a critical eye on herself to inspect her own hypocrisy, dishonesty, and selfishness. The author further reveals the manifestation of classism and racism by introducing the Tower, a symbol of authority representing southern segregation. The owner of the Tower, Red Sammy whose name is most likely drawn from "Redneck" a term referring to the uneducated white male from the south, a definition that was further widened to refer to bigoted, reactionaries, those who opposed changes to the aristocratic system. The Tower as portrayed in the story is facing challenges posed by the realities of the changing times.

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Yes, these remarks are consistent with the state of affairs in the story. Emily and her way of doing things, is certainly representative of the slow pace of change witnessed in the old southern states. Her reluctance to change makes her conspicuous within the community, everybody is curious of what is going on in her life. Emily is naive to believe that her family's influence in the town's affairs still holds. It is apparent that the people of Jefferson do not really care about her family influence, but rather her personal life, her life style. This is symbolic of the historic occurrences that characterized the United States, as the other states moved on embracing change, many of the southern states were reluctant to adapt to this change. These states were controversial and featured in many discussions on human rights and segregation. In the same line, Emily locks herself from the outside world keeping the people of Jefferson guessing her every move, an indication of resistance to change. In addition, the events as they unfold are consistent with the characteristics of the old southern states. She is willing to go to the extent of killing her suitor in order to keep him and gain control over him. This is an indication of the in humane state of affairs in the southern past and specifically pointing at slavery. Therefore, not only does the attitude towards Emily symbolize the Souths reluctance to embrace modernity, but also lack of paying her taxes, her decaying house and the offensive smell from her… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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