Fear and Impact Research Proposal

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¶ … Fear and Impact on the Student's Grades

Examination Phobia.

Causes and Effects of Examination Phobia.

Measures to curtail examination phobia.

101.9 Limitations and Delimitations of the Study

Review of the Literature

173.1 Methods of collecting data.

Methods of analyzing data.

The paper below presents the research proposal for research conducted on the major issue of examination phobia faced by undergraduate students. This study is focused on identifying the reasons for examination phobia faced by students, the results (especially declining academic performance of the students) and the methods of reducing or curing the examination phobia.

The paper (research proposal) is divided into three major sections. Section one gives the introduction and background of the topic, clearly setting and explaining the term examination phobia and other related terms. This part also puts forwards the research objectives, research questions and hypothesis of the research.

The next section puts down an extensive review of literature on the concepts set out in section one. This part also identified the reasons and results of examination phobia. Furthermore, this part also highlights the major steps that should be taken by parents, teachers and students (also by state and schools) to reduce the examination phobia.

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The next part, methodology, outlines the methods of data collection that will be used for the study. Both secondary and primary sources of data collection will be used including internet, books, interviews and questionnaires. The methods of analyzing data used for this research include both quantitative and qualitative analysis. This part also explains the limitations associated with the study and steps taken before hand to curtail and eradicate these limitations.

This part is followed by conclusion and list of references.

Examination Fear and Impact on the Student's Grades

Research Proposal on Fear and Impact on the Assignment

The study will be conducted with the main objective to identify and evaluate the students' examination phobia and its impact on their performance. The study basically aims to explore the positive and negative aspects of examination phobia faced by undergraduate students. The paper also aims to identify and check the effectiveness of measures taken to eradicate and control examination phobia and improve the declining performance of the students.

This paper clearly establishes the reasons behind examination phobia and explains the effects of exam anxiety and stress on students' educational and personal lives. The main focus is given to the students' performance and grades in school. The design and structure of the study aims to answer the research questions and achieve the research objectives set out in the first part of the proposal.

1. Introduction

This part of the research proposal aims at explaining the basic idea behind conducting and opting for this research. The major concepts are also explained in this part of the proposal including the term examinations phobia, its causes and effects and the counter measures. I have also laid down the research objective and research questions in this part of the proposal.

1.1 Significance of the Research.

The main aim of conducting this research is to come to a conclusion regarding the reasons of examination phobia and to identify its relationship with the students' performance. Once the extent of relationship is effectively identified the most efficient countermeasure to control and curtail examination / test phobia can be determined. This is what I aim to achieve through this research that is to identify the reasons for examination phobia and create a link of this stress with the students' grades. Moreover, I will also point out the most effective solution to this stress and anxiety related to exams.

1.2 Examination Phobia.

Examination phobia (fear of exams), anxiety and stress is one of the biggest problems faced by students these days. Let it be school children or college going adults, all have this fear of exams and then of the results. Many researchers have studied this topic and came up with a lot of definitions and explanations for examination phobia / stress / anxiety.

Examination phobia can be defined as a psychological condition or feeling of worry of coming examinations / tests, a fear of being assessed or tested or fear of results. This feeling or condition is faced by many average and above average students and is quite normal these days. Moreover, it is a usual condition which can be easily determined and managed by proper planning and management. (St.-andrews.ac.uk, 2010)

Considering anxiety or stress describes a mental condition of 'fear and uncertainty' of an event that the mind considers as a threat to one's 'ego or self-esteem'. This condition of anxiety / phobia can be helpful in a risky situation however, too much of fear / stress / anxiety leads to various emotional and psychological problems in a person's life. Furthermore, in young children this feeling of stress and anxiety (particularly of exams and results) can prove to be very harmful. (Harris & Coy, 2010)

1.3 Causes and Effects of Examination Phobia.

In order to cure any problem, there is a dire need to identify the causes of that problem. Same is the case with examination phobia. Many scholars and psychologists studied the topic and came up with various reasons of examination phobia faced by students of all levels and ages. Identification of these reasons is also essential on case to case basis to determine the best solution for the problem.

There are various reasons of exam phobia / anxiety. Four main reasons of exam phobia are:


Issues in the lifestyle of students including lack of proper meal and rest, inappropriate exercise, lack or organization and scheduling in life and improper identification of priorities. (St.-andrews.ac.uk, 2010)


Un-identification or ignorance of information needs, including the proper planning strategies for appearing in an exam. These also include insufficient knowledge of anxiety / stress reduction techniques. (St.-andrews.ac.uk, 2010)


Studying methods and styles that yield insufficient results. Studying approach of memorizing text rather than understanding the concept. Studying very close to examination and rote learning subject material. Ignoring class discussions, lectures and homework. (St.-andrews.ac.uk, 2010)


the most important factors leading to examination phobia are psychological factors. These include the feeling of fear and lack of control over the exam situation. A feeling or fear of being incapable. Having negative and irrational thoughts about not completing the entire syllabus or failing the exam, etc. (St.-andrews.ac.uk, 2010)

As determined earlier too, there is a crucial need to identify the reason of exam stress / phobia. Timely identification of the cause of this anxiety and stress will lead to timely and efficient cure.

Examination phobia and stress have many effects on a students' life. The most dangerous effects of this conditions are the ones faced during examination. These include the feeling of nervousness and 'mental blocking' while attempting the paper. Feeling of nervousness while attempting the exam paper is by difficulty in reading and understanding the question paper. Nervousness is by a difficulty in organizing the thoughts and planning the answers or difficulty in retrieving the things the students studied. Nervousness leads to poor performance in examination despite knowing everything or almost everything. (Conforti, 2009)

Similarly, mental blockage condition faced by students as a result of exam phobia is by a condition of 'going blank' while reading the questions and remembering everything just after the paper ends. (Conforti, 2009) A few students also face physical effects from examination stress and anxiety including lack of sleep, hunger, nausea etc.

Both the above identified situations lead to a decline in performance and thus low grades of the students.

1.4 Measures to curtail examination phobia.

It is highly important to identify the reasons / causes of exam phobia faced by students and then curtail the situation of stress and anxiety. Various scholars and psychologists have identified many methods and techniques to cure / curtail exam phobia. These include


Use of efficient studying techniques during the entire term. This include properly taking the lectures, completing homework, identifying priorities, understanding the subject matter rather than memorizing it, etc. This also includes studying throughout the term / semester. (St.-andrews.ac.uk, 2010)


Maintaining or creating suitable study environment during examination days. This includes avoiding noise and other distractions while preparing for exams. Studying at a place which is not much cozy or comfortable (like bedroom), instead chose a less comfortable place to study. (Conforti, 2009)


Maintaining a positive frame of mind while studying. Students should not consider exams a burden or problem instead an opportunity to prove themselves. This also comes with proper strategies and priority setting while studying and studying throughout the term. (St.-andrews.ac.uk, 2010)


Taking good rest and proper diet before going for exam. The students should not in any case avoid sleep or food. Malomet, R. (2014)


It is very important to attempt the paper with a rested and positive frame of mind. Students should not panic! (Conforti, 2009)


At any time during or after the exams the students should not compare themselves with the performance of other students. In order to avoid negative effects of exam phobia, the students should focus on… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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