Feasibility Study for Establishing a Child Care Facility Term Paper

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In addition to the other topics mentioned in the literature review thus far there are some challenges that are specific to the starting of a childcare business. These challenges are associated with the rules and regulations that are present as it relates to local, state and federal laws that govern childcare centers.

According to the Small business Administration, those that desire to start a childcare center should have good motives because the challenges they will face will be significant. According to the SBA having poor motives for starting a business may result in failure (How to Start a Quality Childcare Business).

The SBA also reports that as it relates to the actual creation of the childcare business the creation of a legal name for the business is of the utmost importance, particularly if the owner of the business wants to borrow money to start the business. There are also different forms of childcare that can be provided. These include family care, home care, childcare development home, infant care center, nursery school, before and after school care, and satellite child development programs. Each of these forms of childcare businesses is governed by different sets of rules and regulations (Childcare Business).

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As was mentioned previously in the discussion there are several types of legal structures that can be chosen when starting a business sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and LLC. Once the business has been started under the umbrella of one of these legal structures, there are certain licensing requirements that must also be attained. These licensing requirements differ from state to state but include the following:

Requirements related to educational programs- in addition to basic childcare some childcare businesses also offer educational programs depending on the age of the children at the center. In some states there are various regulations that govern the type of curriculum required; this is particularly true of childcare centers that receive grants associated with educational programming (How to Start a Quality Childcare Business).

Term Paper on Feasibility Study for Establishing a Child Care Facility Assignment

Food Preparation and nutrition- if meals are prepared on the premises (as opposed to children bringing in prepacked meals) there are certain regulations that govern how the food is prepared and the nutritional content of the food (How to Start a Quality Childcare Business).

Discipline-there are certain standards that govern the type of discipline that can be administered when children are in the care of the childcare provider. In many states agreements about discipline can be made between the parents and the childcare provider. For instance, in some states it is legal for childcare providers to spank children if given permission by the parent (How to Start a Quality Childcare Business).

Physical Space-there are various requirements related to the amount of square feet that children must have indoors and outdoors. These sizes are dependent upon the age of the children. There are also lighting, air conditioning/heating and ventilation requirements that must be considered (How to Start a Quality Childcare Business).

Sanitation-sanitation requirements are inclusive of ventilation, food preparation and the overall cleanliness of the facility including bathrooms (How to Start a Quality Childcare Business).

Zoning Regulations- these regulations differ from state to state. Most states have differing regulations associated with home childcare centers and childcare centers that are located in commercial buildings. Typically there is a set limit associated with the number of children that can be care for at a home daycare (How to Start a Quality Childcare Business).

Staff to Child Ratios- in every state there are rules that govern the number of staff that must be present with a certain number of children. For instance, in some states there must be one staff member for every four children under the age of five.

Fire Regulations- there are certain fire regulations that must be adhered to as it relates to smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and unobstructed exits (How to Start a Quality Childcare Business).

In addition to the aforementioned regulations some states require that childcare providers pass a CPR class. Even in states that do not have this requirement, knowing CPR may make a childcare facility more attractive to parents. In addition to CPR, knowing first aid is often a requirement for childcare providers.

As you can see there are numerous rules and regulations that govern the developing and maintenance of a childcare business. It is vitally important that entrepreneurs understand and abide by these rules and regulations if they want to have a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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