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Shades of Green

This project will explore a myriad of factors associated with the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando Florida. These factors include the type of business it is and financial information.

The primary purpose of this project is to provide a feasibility study that investigates the price an investor will pay to purchase the Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The Shades of Green Resort opened in 1994 and was formerly known as the Golf Resort, and The Disney Inn (The Shades of Green).

The previous resort was considered to be a Deluxe or Premium resort. The resort was leased by the U.S. government for use by military personnel on Rest and Relaxation in February of 1994 (The Shades of Green). On January 12th of 1996 it was purchased by the U.S. government. Today only U.S. military personnel are allowed to use the resort in conjunction with a 100-year leasing agreement between Disney and the U.S. Department of Defense (The Shades of Green). However the resort does feature a world-class golf course that is open to the general public.

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The Shades of Green is located in between two golf courses in a wooded setting. The location also features deer and herons and is located on the Walt Disney World property and close to all of the major attraction parks, and directly across from the Polynesian Resort (The Shades of Green). The resort was reopened in 2004 after a two-year renovation. The resort now features 586 rooms (all non-smoking) (Shades of Green fact Sheet). All of the rooms are nearly 500 square feet in size and features two queen-size beds. The rooms also contains, a table with 2 chairs, a day bed, an armoire with a TV and VCR, a size closet with an electronic safe. The rooms sleep a maximum of five people (The Shades of Green). Nearly all of the rooms at the facility have balconies that provide a view of the golf course or swimming pool. In addition a portion of the rooms also have a view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks (The Shades of Green).

Type of business

Term Paper on Feasibility Study for Shades of Green Resort Orlando Florida Assignment

The Shades of Green is a government managed resort and the only Armed Forces Recreation Center in the Continental United States. Armed forces recreation centers are "affordable Joint Service facilities operated by the U.S. Army Community and Family Support Center and located at ideal vacation destinations. AFRCs offer a full range of resort hotel opportunities for service members, their families, and other members of the Total Defense Force... The AFRCs are centrally-managed, U.S. Army Community and Family Support Center-operated facilities with a mission to provide rest, relaxation, recreation, and sustainment for Army personnel, their families, and other members of the total Defense Force (Armed Forces Recreation Center)." (Armed Forces Recreation Center)."

The purpose of these facilities is to provide military personnel with an affordable way to vacation with their families. The aim of these centers is also to promote the militaries stance on the importance of family and maintaining a healthy family life while serving and defending the country. The room rates are based on rank, pay grade, duty status, room size, and/or room location.


The Shades of Green in Orlando is essential to military personnel stationed in the United States. The resort was opened in response to decreasing overseas stationing, a desire to provide a tangible benefit to soldiers during a period of significant turbulence and a significant market demand. Military life has always been stressful, but in today's world, the need for wholesome recreational outlets is vital to our force preparedness.

Shades of Green is overwhelmingly popular with soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. More than 200,000 military family members will visit Shades of Green every year. The primary objective, which has been met, was to provide soldiers and their families, particularly junior soldiers with young children, with a wholesome, secure, quality vacation opportunity that would otherwise be unaffordable to them.

There are certain eligibility requirements involved in staying at the Shades of Green Resort. These requirements are as follows:

Armed forces Service members and families-this includes members on active duty, Cadets of service academies, Members of the commissioned corps, of the public heath service, commissioned corps of the national oceanic and atmospheric on active duty and Reserve components.

Honorably discharged veterans, Medal of honor recipients, Armed forces retirees and their families, Former Prisoners Of War, Families of current POW's, Widows of those that died while on active duty.

U.S. federal employees that are assigned outside of the United States. Military Personnel of foreign nations and their families.

Department of defense civilian workers, department of defense contract personnel, and non-department of defense personnel that work at military instillations.

Community leaders such as mayors, Guest of eligible individuals can reside at the resort but only if the eligible individuals are present.

II. Factual Summary:

a. Revenue and non- revenue asset of this resort

The revenue generating assets of this resort include lodging, restaurants, golfing, and a gift shop. The market for lodging at this facility and at other similar facilities in the region is high. Orlando is the number one tourist destination in the world and this facility is the nation's highest occupancy rate resort hotel. Likewise the restaurants that operate at the hotel serve as revenue generating assets. While the lodging units do contain mini-refrigerators and microwaves they do not have full kitchen so guests will have to purchase meals on sight or nearby. This is beneficial to the restaurants located on the resort because the guests are more likely to dine at the resort.

The golf course at the resort also provides revenue for the facility. Unlike the lodging and the other departments at the resort the golf courses are open to the public. This makes this particular asset extremely important to the resort. The market for this asset is also strong in this area but there is also a great deal of competition because there are many golf courses.

The gift shop is also a revenue generating asset as visitors are likely to buy Disney memorabilia. In addition, the gift shop also has items such as toiletries that people quite often forget to pack. The store is able to generate significant profits.

Define the dominant market position of this resort

This particular resort is definitely in the dominant market position because of the customers that it serves. This is the only facility in the continental United States that provides Military personnel with discounted rates at a world-class resort. As a result this hotel has the highest occupancy rates in the world. In addition, as many men and women in the military come home from deployment, they will be seeking R&R at this type of resort. In addition, the location of the resort is ideal for families and appealing to many.

Define all revenue producing departments in order of priority

According to a report entitled "Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Activities and Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities" armed forces recreation centers are permitted to have several Morale, Welfare and Recreation activities. Many of which are revenue generated assets. These activities include lodging, food and beverage services, and entertainment. The resale activities that generate revenue include alcoholic beverages by the drink, tobacco products in less than carton, quantities, essential toilet articles, magazines and newspapers, and promotional and souvenir items...Contracted entertainment and concessionaire services in accordance with AR 215-4 and this regulation... Check cashing and currency conversion services to authorized patrons... Credit to registered guests, payable in full prior to checkout or through commercial credit card services.Recreational equipment operations, including vending and amusement machines, using equipment purchased or leased ("Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Activities and Non-appropriated Fund Instrumentalities")."

The revenue producing departments in order of priority include the following:

Lodging- the lodging department includes several different types of accomadations from standard units to suites. As we mentioned previously these accommodations have be greatly expanded to include many new rooms that can provide additional revenue generating assets. The resort must ensure that this revenue generating asset is given great care so that the resort will continue to be a sough out destination and revenue generation can continue.

Food and Beverage- the food and beverage department is second in terms of priority as it relates to revenue generating assets. For this reason the resort must ensure that the prepared foods are appetizing so that the guest will choose to eat at the resort as opposed to leaving the resort to patronize other restaurants that are located in the area. In addition to restaurants the resorts also have vending machines that contain snack foods and drinks.

The food and beverages must be a good alternative in terms of price.

Recreational Activities- As it relates to this particular resort the Recreational Activities that are able to generate revenue is extremely important. In particular, the money that can be generated for the golf courses is essential to the success of the resort. Therefore the resort must maintain the championship courts. Just as with… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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