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[. . .] These problems are related to the infrastructure of the FAA and they have to be eradicated as soon as possible so that a proper working environment can be developed and evolved and the FAA can gain a standardized position. The first and major problem is the introduction of the computers, the researches and studies have shown that the FAA have introduced computers in the organization but the latest version of the computers were not adapted by the organizational authorities. Now, it is the time to introduce new computers with in the organization so that these computers would help the authorities and can provide easy assistance. Secondly, the FAA and the organizational authorities should increase the number of staff so that the proper working environment can be developed. The increase in the number of staff will stabilize the organizational; framework and the strategies would be properly implemented. The increase in the number of staff will also help to reduce the workload of the organization and the business would be maintained in a better way.

The third major problem is related to the FAA's task, which is most basic in nature, and this task is to keep airliners from colliding. This is the major problem and the important task, which is assigned to the authorities of the FAA, and the FAA should fulfill this task at any cost. The fourth major problem is the review of the previous strategies and the derivation of new strategies, this problem is very complexed in nature and therefore, the authorities should search for effective methodologies which could help them to overcome this problem. The fifth and sixth problem is related to the organizational infrastructure and these problems should also be resolved as soon as possible so that the FAA can continue its activities and can generate positive results.

The analysis reveals that FAA should regularly conduct SWOT analysis so that the correct picture of the organization can be reviewed and the actions can be taken in respect of the information from the SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis is described as:


SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment. It is the first stage of planning and helps marketers to focus on key issues. Once key issues have been identified, they feed into marketing objectives. It can be used in conjunction with other tools for audit and analysis, such as PEST analysis and Porter's Five-Forces analysis. It is a very popular tool with marketing students because it is quick and easy to learn. An opportunity could be:

developing market such as the Internet.

Mergers, joint ventures or strategic alliances

Moving into new market segments that offer improved profits new international market vacated by an ineffective competitor threat could be:

new competitor in your home market

Price wars with competitors competitor has a new, innovative product or service

Competitors have superior access to channels of distribution

Taxation is introduced on your product or service word of caution, SWOT analysis can be very subjective. Do not rely on it too much. Two people rarely come-up with the same final version of SWOT. TOWS analysis is extremely similar. It simply looks at the negative factors first in order to turn them into positive factors. So use it as guide and not a prescription." http://www.marketingteacher.com/Lessons/lesson_swot.htm

SWOT analysis has been sued by the authorities of the FAA in discovering about the strengths and weaknesses of the company, such an analysis helps the organizational authorities to observe the strengths and weaknesses of the company and to develop quality strategies in order to remove the loopholes from the infrastructure of the organization. According to the SWOT analysis the weaknesses of FAA are as under:

FAA WEAKNESSES most often cited by employees are:

Management - Incompetent, weak, poorly trained supervisors and managers and their failure to hold employees responsible were the most often cited weaknesses. The need for technically knowledgeable managers was also cited

We need leaders with technical competence who understand the challenges they face ever day, not just those with management skills."

TRAINING - Lack of adequate training, particularly for supervisor and managers, lack of currency training for employees that deal with certified airmen and manufacturers, and lack of developmental training rated the most comment.

PERSONNEL/HUMAN RESOURCE ISSUES - Although the employee survey showed improvement on sexual harassment and hostile work environment issues, both still elicited comments.

Under- representation of women and minorities and poor employment practices also rated numerous responses. The union contracts (or lack of them) rated many, many comments.

AUTOMATION - The FAA is not keeping up with automation. Centralize databases with instant access, where information is entered only once. Lotus Notes received many comments. The people said it did not perform as advertised. The strength and number of comments suggested this is not just a problem of the staff being frustrated when faced with a new software program. Even as antiquated as cc:Mail was, many people feel it performed better than Notes does. http://apo.faa.gov/employee_comments/Employee-SP03/Weaknesses.htm

The above mentioned weaknesses of FAA states that these are the major loopholes of the organization and they should be eradicated at once so that the organization can use their maximum potential and can generate profitable results. If these weaknesses will not be eradicated or minimized then the resultant outcome would be very bad and the organization would suffer a lot. Therefore, it is advised to the organizational authorities that they should regularly do SWOT analysis and should definitely work on the improvement of the weaknesses of the organization so that proper working environment can be developed and the company can grow.


This part of the paper will describe the various alternatives and solutions, which could help the organization to overcome the above mentioned problems and could help the authorities to implement new strategies. Before proceeding to the alternatives the paper will present information regarding the various threats, which are cited by the employees of FAA.

THREATS most often cited by employees are:

ACCOUNTABILITY/Management - Failure to hold contractors, suppliers, and employees accountable for quality, time and cost standards was cited as the biggest threat to the FAA's mission. FAA often hires ineffective or incompetent executives - part of the "good old boy" system? FAA doesn't train managers and supervisors effectively or hold them accountable.

WASTE - This threat matches the most numerous comments in the opportunity section of comments. Consolidate the regions, AT facilities and management. Staff grows at headquarters and regional offices but shrinks in the field.

WEATHER - Once again this matches comments from the opportunities section, "the FAA has recently begun to destroy the aviation weather program which if anything is in need of more attention rather that less."

RULE MAKING - In spite of the FAA mission to promote U.S. aerospace safety, rules are still being driven by industry pressure at the risk of sacrificing safety. This is contrary to our mission. One example is the sport pilot rule. Performance bonuses for speed of rule making need to be eliminated. It puts unfair pressure on management to push rules through without adequate understanding of implications and how it may promote or hinder other agency objectives. http://apo.faa.gov/employee_comments/Employee-SP03/Threats.htm

These threats are cited by the employees and are detected by conducting the SWOT analysis, these threats proves the fact that unfair practices and actions are going on in the organization and if these practices will not be stopped or obstructed then negative results will be generated. Therefore, the authorities should adapt measures, which could minimize these threats.


There are many choices and solutions to the problems of FAA, these choices include that the organizational authorities should make researches and surveys and they should adapt new and effective computers so that their business can be benefited from the latest technology. The authorities should make appropriate selection from the various choices regarding the introduction of new computers and they should select the best. Secondly, the introduction of new staff is also a major problem and for this the organizational authorities should hire professionals who which could help the authorities to select right person for the right job. Similarly, the organizational authorities to stop the collision of the airliners should adapt effective measures and strategies. Finally, the review and derivation of new strategies, accountability and management and training and replacement of controllers, these problems read related to the organizational infrastructure and its framework therefore the authorities should apply correct and effective methodologies which could help them in minimizing these problems. The organizational authorities of FAA should hire financial advisers and professional accountants, which could review their accounts and can maintain their records. The strategy makers should make proper strategies and theses strategies should be in accordance with the rules and requirements of the FAA.


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