Federal Campaign Contributions Research Paper

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During the middle of the primary season, he had an extra marital affair with an aide. She became pregnant and gave birth to Edward's daughter. During this process, is when the campaign diverted funds to provide her with financial support. Moreover, Edwards was a part of a major cover up to hide the affair and the child from the public. This is a violation of federal campaign finance laws (which resulted in Edward's indictment). ("John Edwards Repays $1.2 Million")

Campaign Finance and the Presidential Elections

In the current Presidential election, both the Romney and Obama campaigns have been receiving a tremendous amount of support from super PACs. In many cases, these are wealthy individuals that will pool their resources together along ideological lines. In the case of Romney, he has been receiving direct support from individuals such as: Paul Singer (the founder of Elliot Management) and JW Marriot Jr. (the CEO of Marriot International). While Obama is receiving funding from: John Rogers (the founder of Aerial Corp.) and the Service Employees International Union. This is illustrating how during the upcoming Presidential election, super PACs will play an important role. (Bolton)

The powers and functions impacting Presidential and Vice Presidential campaign contributions

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The use of campaign contributions during this election, are designed to provide many individuals and organizations with increased access to public officials. This is because large donors will more than likely have a chance to present their case directly the President or the Vice President. This will have an impact on the kinds of polices that are created and implemented (which will affect the enforcement of various laws). (Bolton) ("Obama Romney Campaign Commercials")

How is it related to the study of Business Law?

The way that this is related to the study of business law, is to understand the impact of these activities on elected officials and the government itself. This will determine what kinds of laws are enacted and how various regulations are enforced. Over the course of time, this will have an impact on the practices of businesses and the way they relate to various stakeholders.


Research Paper on Federal Campaign Contributions Over the Assignment

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