FEMA Decision-Making and Problem Solving Term Paper

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FEMA Decision-Making and Problem Solving

This paper discusses the relevance of how decision-making styles, leadership characteristics and ethical decision-making and problem solving directly influence organizational behavior by providing a context from which decisions are made and organizational cultures are formed. The FEMA self-study course demonstrated clearly how vital decision-making is and problem solving for organizational leaders, including emergency managers, planers and responders. There are as mentioned critical characteristics a leader must adopt to influence an organization in a positive manner. These qualities are discussed below.

There are many decision-making styles, characteristics and ethical vantages a leader may take on in an emergent, planning or respondent environment that directly impact the likelihood of a positive outcome. As a result of this course, I believe most important characteristics leaders can demonstrate in urgent times are charisma and clarity. Charisma is a quality some of the greatest leaders have possessed; it is a trait that enables a lead to attract subordinates to him or her naturally, and causes the leader to motivate and direct groups effortlessly. Clarity of goals, purpose and decisions is a vital attribute and skill any and every leader should posses when guiding others toward a common goal (Olmstead, 2002).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on FEMA Decision-Making and Problem Solving Assignment

Olmstead (2002) notes that while many factors affect the performance of an organization (p. 179) the most influential is the "quality of leadership" available. This is why it is important to train leaders, whether working in business, government, the armed forces or other areas (Olmstead, 2002). To be successful, leaders must be able to take on complex and difficult tasks, know how to delegate to competent individuals and posses sophisticated knowledge of technology and the cultural context in which he or she is working (Olmstead, 2002). Ethical, the most important trait a leader should embrace is security, (Olmstead, 2002), or the ethical ideal or norm… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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