Female Soldiers in the Contemporary Research Paper

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Some female groups wanting to emphasize the importance of women in the military actually prove that they are perfectly able to fight by becoming involved in activist communities. U.S. Army reserve Staff Sgt. Jennifer Hunt, U.S. Marine Corps reserve Capt. Zoe Bedell, and U.S. Marine Corps First Lt. Colleen Farrell and U.S Major Mary Hegar have acknowledged the delicate position of women in contemporary militaries and have taken legal action in an attempt to have society recognize their rights. These women have all had the chance to experience fire first-hand and have successfully proved their abilities. "The women say the ban on their participation in combat is not only unfair, but outdated. And they go further to argue that the rules excluding them from combat harm America's safety." (Tzemach Lemon, 2012)

The reality is that there is no law preventing women from getting involved in active combat, as the 1994 Combat Exclusion Policy memo is the only thing standing between female soldiers and their right to serving in active combat. Groups like the one previously mentioned have had limited success and this is shown through Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's response involving the opening of approximately 20,000 additional posts for women. This shows that in spite of the fact that they have had little success, communities of female soldiers have caught the Ministry of Defense's attention and have virtually forced it to acknowledge their position.

VI. Education as the solution

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Although female activist groups have influenced the authorities to provide them with more power in the military, the limited success that they've experienced demonstrates that change needs to be addressed from a series of perspectives in order for it to happen more effectively. Male soldiers play an essential role in influencing the government to upgrade the position of female engagement teams. By having men in the military realize that women are indispensable, the authorities are more likely to significantly increase the number of posts opened to female soldiers.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Female Soldiers in the Contemporary Assignment

While women have been provided with access to a series of military environments they previously did not have access to, the fact that they are unable to serve in active combat stands as a barrier between them and rapid progress in the army. Men continue to put across discriminatory attitudes toward women in the military and this means that restructuring needs to focus on several levels, ranging from changing thinking in simple soldiers to thinking in top officers. Moreover, education needs to be addressed from an even more general point-of-view -- one involving society as a whole and its preconceptions concerning gender roles.

Accepting memos such as the Combat Exclusion Policy and acting in accordance with the information they contain practically means that one is reinforcing stereotypes. While this policy is likely to be removed in the near future, the authorities need to concentrate on trying to further contribute to restructuring the military in order for it to stand as a community that recognizes men and women as full and equal partners. Opinions cannot possibly change alongside with a law being passed, as gender stereotypes will continue to be present in military environments once the Combat Exclusion Policy will be gone.

VII. Conclusion

Implementing an education system meant to have people understand that it is beneficial for them to accept female soldiers is likely to entail a great deal of efforts. However, the long-term benefits are going to outweigh the costs and troops are likely to experience less problems in the future as a result of these actions.

Women continue to be discriminated on account of their gender and it appears that the world is yet to have realized that they can occupy positions traditionally assigned to men with little to no efforts. In some cases they are even better than men and they military simply has to keep an open mind when dealing with female soldiers in order to avoid significant trouble. By restructuring the military education system in order for it to involve studies that provide male soldiers with the opportunity to see why it is beneficial for them to accept their female counterparts, the Department of Defense is probable to significantly improve the quality of its services.

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