Feminism Arising Out Term Paper

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As a result, women of color have become increasingly included in the public discourse and have risen to positions of political power. Moreover, the feminist support of civil rights affected men of color as well as women, and an increasing acceptance of diversity within the society cannot but affect the lives of all women of whatever race. Therefore, even though many people of color still live in poverty and discrimination is still a problem, the Second Wave of Feminism has made great strides in achieving overall racial equity, and has at least promoted a more equitable public discourse regarding race.

Homosexual rights were also kin to the Second Wave of Feminism. Lesbian feminism promoted the voices of lesbians and helped achieve awareness and tolerance of homosexuality. Although homosexual rights do not directly affect all women, since not all women are lesbians, greater social equity impacts all women. Although homosexual rights have proven to be one of the slowest-moving causes supported by the Second Wave of Feminism, clearly this issue affects the lives of both straights and gays in creating a more equitable society in general.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Finally, the Second Wave of Feminism concerned itself as much as possible with labor relations and economic parity. A multitude of issues are included under this rubric, the two most notable of which are income parity and workers' rights. Women in the United States still earn less than their male counterparts and a considerable income disparity continues to plague most women, but the struggle continues. Labor unions also continue to struggle under increasing political conservatism, but the Second Wave of Feminism continues to raise awareness of these issues, and draw attention to how labor and economics affect all women, rich, poor, or in between. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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