Feminism How Sports Reproduce Research Paper

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For instance, it is easy to realize that all sexual orientations can engage in one sporting event like playing rugby, soccer, and/or football (Brace-Govan, 2010).

Racial norms

Sporting activities have emerged and cut on racial lines. The world soccer slogan is directed at eradicating cases of racial differences and negative perceptions that have been generated because of such differences. For instance, sporting activities have changed the phase of the world in regards to seeing different races in the world. The world soccer has staged enough fights in trying to eradicate cases of racism in sport. For instance, the UEFA champion's league is one of the global soccer events that try to kick racism out of soccer in the world. The notion behind the slogan used by this movement claims that every person in the world has the right to engage in every sporting event no matter the difference in colour and/or racial orientations. Sports have taken the concept of racism into a manageable level where every person can participate in global events hosted by the sporting society (Schacht, & Ewing, 1997).

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Racial norms have been established due to the influence of sports in the world. For instance, it is against the norms of sport to abuse participants in lines of racial connotations. Many sporting activities have cut across racial differences and hence established a cohesive space where every person is open to free and fair competition. Racial norms guide various societies in resolving conflicts and issues that have been of immense contention in the society. For instance, racial discrimination is unwanted in the world of sport. This facet has been adapted in other fields of growth and development (Deem & Gilroy, 1998).

TOPIC: Research Paper on Feminism How Sports Reproduce or Assignment

With a continued force of non-involvement in racial discrimination, sporting activities shave established a binding force that tries to fight cases of racial differences and abuse in various societies. For instance, racial norms have been established in the fields of soccer, rugby, athletics, tennis, basketball, and many other sporting events that have taken a global stage. With the emergence of different sporting activities, different societies have been encouraged to enter into aspects of free and fair contention and competition in order to establish unity in the world of sport. For instance, the world Olympic Games unites members of varying racial backgrounds and societies. At the end of the game, different racial orientations have been represented in a free and fair competition. Moreover, the world events on rugby sevens and world FIFA has established a common ground where race is no longer a factor of any consideration (Talbot, 1997).

Sports does not favour one race over another

Sports in the world have transformed human perception in many parameters of existence. The variance in sporting disciplines has changed the mechanisms that handle human differences, most of which are designed to change the manner in which human beings interact with one another and society as a whole. The transformations brought by sport activities have transcended the human natural and extrinsic differences as in colour, religious differences, cultural heritage, and many other parameters. For instance, the world today has changed the manner in which it embraces different races. The bodies governing sporting activities in the world have established laws and regulations.

The main intention of these bodies is to establish a stable base where all races are treated as equitable competitors within a competitive sport field. For instance, the word of soccer and rugby attracts different rules and regulations of the game (Greendorfer & Rubinson, 1997). Within these rules and regulations, the sporting world has transformed the immediate societies into cosmopolitan states of living and existence. Moreover, sporting rules and regulations have opened ways and means in which exploration of talents can be opened to all people globally.


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