Feminist Theory Research Paper

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Feminist Theory

Over the last 150 years, the overall issue of equal rights for women (feminism) has been increasingly brought to the forefront. As women refused to stand for the way they were often treated in the past, with no rights or voice in matters that concern their own lives. This would lead to the development of a number of different feminist theories to help explain the underlying philosophies and challenges facing women. (Bennett 6 -- 28) To fully understand these different theories requires conducting an annotated bibliography. Where, we examine the most relevant theories in the field of feminism. Once this takes place, it will provide the greatest insights, as to the underlying views and challenges facing women going forward.

Wood, Julia. "Liberal Feminism." Gendered Lives. Boston: Wadsworth, 2009. 78 -- 80. Print.

In this piece of literature, the author discusses the effects of liberal feminism. This is when women want to see equality in every sense of the word. Where, they are focused on supporting the idea that men and women are completely equal from: a legal as well as social stand point. As a result, the various organizations supporting these kinds of changes have been challenging the status quo through litigation to: various laws and policies that restrict the rights of women. (Wood 78 -- 80)

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The information from this source is useful, because it highlights why liberal feminism has become increasingly popular. Where, many proponents want equality, based upon the merits of the individual vs. A particular gender. In this particular case, they want equality applied in every aspect of life, as men are not allowed to have any kind of unfavorable advantages over women.

Costa, Margret. "Socialist Feminism" Women and Sport. Champaign: Human Kinnetics, 1994. 246. Print.

Research Paper on Feminist Theory Over the Last 150 Years, Assignment

In this piece of literature, the author discusses the impact of socialist feminism on the views of many women. Where, this philosophy is working off of a number of different principals to include: oppression based upon the economic status of the individual, genders issues that are divided along class lines (i.e. men having the social status / power over a woman's life) and a class style system that is designed to limit the economic mobility of women / their family. When you put these different elements together, it is obvious that social feminism represents a new philosophy of women's studies that was heavily influenced by Marxism.

The information from this source is useful, because it can be used to corroborate the trends that are taking place far as feminism is concerned. Where, the various viewpoints were influenced by the social and economic status of women in relation to men. As a result, this piece of literature is helpful in providing a greater understanding of how the economic issues are having an impact upon gender equality. (Costa 246)

Wood, Julia. "Radical Feminism." Gendered Lives. Boston: Wadsworth, 2009. 70 -- 73. Print.

In this piece of literature, the author discusses how the radical views of the 1960's would help give rise to new ideas that women would have about equality. As they would begin to have a number of distinct views, about evaluating the issues they were facing to include: opposition to subscribing to other popular isms, acknowledgement that male domination is the problem that affects every aspect of society, creating organizations / programs that will empower women, cutting off heterosexual relationships with men and restructuring society to protect the rights of women. These different elements are important, because they highlight how views of feminism are shaped, based upon the cultural challenges and issues that women are dealing with in contemporary society. Where, these views will be incorporated in to feminist theory, to help provide a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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