Fever Stimulation Beverage: Promoting Myself Business Proposal

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I also have a strong background in supplementary products, and can speak with personal knowledge about the benefits of the various herbs that compose Fever.

My appearance and background as an athlete as well as an actor and a model will help give Fever a healthy image of physical strength and potency. Fever is an aspirational product after all -- people who wish to use the product aspire to be the best they can be -- in the bedroom and in other facets of their lives.

As an in-house representative with experience in the entertainment industry I will be able to represent the brand outside of the enclaves of the corporate offices -- but because of my background in business I will still be able to strategize and make use of integrated marketing techniques. I have also kept abreast of current developments in the industry and appreciate the trends Fever is catering to -- people are no longer looking for a sharp, caffeine buzz and crash, simply to struggle through their workday. Instead, they want what they consume to enhance the pleasures of their life.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Business Proposal on Fever Stimulation Beverage: Promoting Myself Assignment

Fever needs a consistent marketing presence and strategy so it becomes the beverage of choice of the target consumer. It is not enough to sell a quality product -- every company must also sell an image. The natural, low-sugar aspect of Fever will attract young people who are appearance-conscious; its sexy emphasis on pleasure will pique young club-goers who want a naturally enhanced 'high.' But the difference between Fever and other herbal drinks available today will be lost unless there is a campaign that crafts a message that is communicated every time a consumer sees a bottle of Fever on the shelves, or sees Fever advertised. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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