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Julianne, who had been sitting quietly until now, wanted the floor. "Father? What was it like before the fabric chemicals were invented"? she asked. "She had been going through her wardrobe earlier that morning and she loved the feel of the soft comfortable fabric her dresses were made from. Bradley smiled at his only daughter, five different gentlemen were currently courting her and each one was perfectly acceptable as a suitor and future son in law.

Well daughter, I can tell you that only a girl as beautiful as you would be able to wear the fabrics of those days," said Bradley. "It was the early 1800's when the textile chemicals exploded and when it neared the 1900's they really began to work their magic on fabric and today one cannot tell that fabric used to stiff and hard to manage much less wear."

Julianne shuddered at the thought of her dresses becoming stiff and uncomfortable and then she remembered the stories she had been told about the labor conditions in the mid 1800s and felt immediately ashamed of her own discomfort. At least she didn't have to work in the factories as girls her age were still doing. She knew her father's mills were noted to be the most comfortable work environment around but she still cringed whenever she had to go there and see the hundreds of workers hunched over the machines and sweat pouring down their brows. Every time she passed the dye room she held her breath. The chemical smells in a textile factory during current times could be pretty potent. There was really no way to vent the odors to the outside and she didn't know how the workers in that area remained upright. Thankfully she would never have to work there and deal with the unpleasantries.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Fictional Family in the Textile Assignment

Later that night the Bedfords were entertaining. As each guest arrived Bradley took note of the fabrics being worn. One cannot spend an entire generation in the textile industry and not notice what people wear after all. The gowns were of the loveliest silk which at this time in history was able to be treated to some chemical enhancement to make it even more attractive. Cotton was also a big item this year. The women were dressed in gowns that breathed because the fabric had been left in its natural state and was able to take the heat of the summer nights. Julianne came down the stairs just in time to make a fashionably late entrance. Bradley smiled at her radiance and her ability to know exactly what to wear. Her mother had passed that gift to her before she passed away. Bradley wished that his wife had lived long enough to see the all power mills. It has only been 10 years but it felt like a lifetime. As he entered the dining room the guests were seated in the arrangement that Julianne had given the staff that morning. He was expected to make a toast, but he had spent the day helping Alan locate former weavers and asking if their children and grandchildren, who were now grown might want some temporary work.

As the guests looked expectantly at him, he knew exactly what to say.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending our dinner party. We have been fortunate through the years to be able to entertain in a style that make you all family members to us. Tonight I have gathered you here to announce my retirement, which we all knew was coming but who knew it would sneak up on us so quickly. For the last 65 years this I have been an eager participant in the London textile industry. Our family has refused to hire children, we have refused to fire workers, and instead found other jobs for them when power machines took their place, and we have refused to treat them badly. Tonight, I want you all to know that each of you, mean the world to each of us. "

As he sat down he gazed at the table full of guests. There were no kings, no lords and no princesses. It was absent of wealth and money and blue blood. The table was filled with the employees who had two generations working at the mills for more than a 50-year period. Bedford rewarded these families each year with a dinner party fit for a king. Tomorrow, they… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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