Filling the Glass: The Skeptic Term Paper

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Maher explores the new methods in which people can effectively become 'masters of their own' while effectively contributing to the organization's objectives and goals. By keeping in mind the 'filling the glass' philosophy, Maher illustrates in his book how human resource development and results-oriented management are ideal concepts in order to create a favorable atmosphere within an organization and a considerable performance for the individual. Take as an example the character of Ron Campbell that he uses in the book. His dilemma of selling the company's (he works for) products and meeting the quota for a limited period of time created in him a negative perspective, making him want to quit his job. Maher's 'filling the glass' philosophy has helped Ron realize that he must "overcome his adversity," which is his distrust and lack of belief in the company's products. After changing his perspective by looking into the beneficial and positive aspects of his product while considering its limitations as well, that is, being honest with the capabilities and limitations of the products that he sells, Ron was able to close many deals because of his positive thinking and action and right perspective in accomplishing his task. Ron's example shows how business tasks become successful if human resource development is further improved by adopting the active stance of Maher's 'filling the glass' philosophy. Furthermore, a results-oriented management as a result of the development of human resource in an organization can be beneficial especially if consumers are focused more into receiving effective results about an organization's product or service. Thus, Maher's discussion of how integrity can still be kept and positive results can be achieved while accomplishing a task reflects the positive and active philosophy illustrated in the author's "Filling the Glass" method.


Term Paper on Filling the Glass: The Skeptic's Assignment

Maher, B. "Filling the Glass: The Skeptic's Guide to Positive Thinking in Business." USA: Dearborn Trade… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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