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Film Analysis of the film Wall-E

Wall-E is a sci-Fi film that shows displays a story of lonely robot that has been left on Earth in order to clean up the mess humanity's has made. Disney-Pixar's, Wall-e, through analyzation is a film that is capable of opening a lot of eyes to how human beings treat the environment and where the future of the earth could be headed if human beings do not wake up and start treating it better than they are doing. The film, Wall-e, claims that if people do not start becoming more responsible with their ways, the planet could be demolished. Throughout the movie we are given many unrealistic and misleading examples. Wall-e was able to send the message of how Earth world could get to the point of destruction in an unreasonable way. Drinking food out of cups, a saying, and reinstating Earth from nothing are all improbable examples of what is revealed in the film (Hopps). With that said, he moral depicted in this Sci-Fi movie shows how humankind's over dependence on technology can pull people from wonders of creation and hinders them from be able to live life to the completest will be carefully inspected through a narrative viewpoint.

Relation to Science

Wall-E was able to addresses a couple of core themes of Science Fiction which is called artificial intelligence. The question that the film brings up to the viewer is things like what becomes of robots that are turning into intelligent machines? Are they actually developing personalities, and will these make them stray from their purposes?

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There are some exact examples of classic science fiction films that are similar to the exact themes that the film is showing. A couple of those films are called i-Robot and 2001: A Space Oddysey. There appears to be some kind of a general fear of the potentials of artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, robots are considered to be stronger, smarter, stronger, and faster than human beings (Murray and Heumann). Walking away from viewing the film, the question comes up what is to stop them from turning against their creators and then taking over?

TOPIC: Term Paper on Film Analysis of the Film Wall-E Is Assignment

To a degree, Wall-E mirrors this type of fear that the audiences can see. The other parts of the movie display several characters that appear to fit this type of mold. For instance, in one scene, a direct reference is actually made to Space Oddysey (Stanton). Also to mention, the famous theme from Space Odyssey plays out as a somewhat like an epic battle which unfolds on screen. It is apparent that the reference to Hal and Dave is unmistakable.

However there is a brighter, more contented side to this theme of the movie. Eve and Wall-E are both two machines that are talented with artificial intelligence, and maybe beyond any other robot in the movie because they are the only machines that are able to create their own humane personalities (Ball). Rather than turning them into villains, these characters turn themselves into heroes that act just like human beings. It is a fascinating reversal of this classic science fiction subject.

Is it Realistic?

In the start of the movie we are presented to Wall-e, the trash compressing robot. Everyone is shown how trashed up the Earth is, while it is being cleaned up by a robot. There is holographic television all around marketing the axiom. At this point the questions started for me. How the electricity is able to power the TV's and billboard advertisements when there is no power? What is the purpose of there being only one robot left? In the beginning I was inquiring how the planet got so trashed from the start, nonetheless I responded to my own questions, bearing in mind the human race has turn out to be tremendously reckless with their over ingesting and extravagant habits. Which is the reason why in Wall-e they moved the human beings over to the axiom? The axiom is a flying spaceship that was built for the human race to live in, while the robots clean up the Earth. But once more, questions continued to keep coming to the mind.

How were they able to make the decision on what humans would get a ticket for the axiom, or and which one would not? The film showed how the president and he president clearly had to stay back, but who else had to? Where they responsible for buying the tickets? Wall-e starts everyone off in the movie with so many unanswered questions. For Wall-e to be a little more realistic to its' audiences, it would needed to have started us off on a clean start. It would have been more proper to have been informed everyone with the answers to all the questions that the viewers are left hanging on with. This is basically all the more motive for everyone to deliberate it to be unrealistic.

Characterization without Dialogue

The Pixar animators seemed to do great job when they were able to flesh out the characters of Eve and Wall-E. Neither of them speaks any English, however their tone and body language and how they use it has basically made up or the speech part. Wall-E appears to come across as a fellow that is kind of quirky. He has deceptively been at his job way too long, and Wall-E goes through the same routine every day. He is vastly lonely and begins taking on some human characteristics because he starts to fall in love with insects which is something only human beings can do. This shows the development of relationship which is something machines do not need.

Wall-E's job provides a foretaste into his personality. By gathering garbage and crushing it into compact blocks, he is able to establish the waste into giant skyscrapers. One of the first acts of the movie slates through a windy city with huge structures made of garbage that were surrounding the old, traditional constructions. He is very matriculate about what he does, but does not talk much in doing it.

In the middle of this isolated work, robot Eve abruptly falls into Wall-E's world. As a robot, she is everything he is and she is the one that has more human tendencies than Wall-E. Both Wall-E and Eve are endearing robots, however their incompatible personalities generate a lot of funniness for the movie. Their association is complex, and anyone can see it grow during the course of the film in their connections, body language and shrugs. However, it was apparent that their body language was very much humanlike not to mention their emotion towards one another. Nothing about them was robotic. Theirs is a really moving love story, and it feels real and authentic. Dialogue is most surely not necessary in the film.

Global Implications

The movie has two global implications that it shows very well. The first one is a message that is in regards to the environment on what occurs over time when the planet is not taken care of properly. The movie shows how earth is in a devastating state because they did not take care of it. The movie was able show the environmental concerns in great detail using the animation of the cartoons. The message in the movie was able to show how going green is a natural part of day to life and displays to society that throwing away and recycling the trash is significant. The movie does a good job in trying to show how recycling needs to be made aware to everyone so that they can see the difficulties that it can do to civilization if not practiced properly. The movie appears to be trying to get the point out there that recycling is also significant for the reason that it aids individuals, saves the Earth, saves energy, and aids in mitigating Global Warming, lessens Pollution and waste products in Landfills, and aids in saving the right amount of money (Murray and Heumann).

The movie apparently does a good job by throwing out the point of what could occur if we do not educate society on taking responsibility for their waste and making sure that it is gotten rid of in a way that is proper and healthy. The filmed did a great job in showing what our planet will be like in the next 50 years if there is not some quick intervention (Barnes).

The second global implication that was seen in this movie had a lot to do with the concerning technology. When the viewer watches the movie they are able to that in the movie most of the humans are basically living in the future on a huge space ship since they were not be able to return to Earth because as mentioned earlier, earth was a huge mess, there was simply no place to live because it was full of debris. Finally, when the introduction humans takes place they are all wearing clothes that are red, lazy and fat, and are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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