Term Paper: Film Criticism of Casablanca

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[. . .] The use of mis en scene as technique is apparent in almost every scene. It is clear that the art producer used careful consideration in painting the atmosphere of Northern Africa. The contrast of light and shadow throughout the scenes played at Rick's Place builds an air of mysteriousness and only heightens the drama of the romance and knowledge of war. In some ways, Rick's Place is a haven for the characters of the film. Within the nightclub's walls, there is entertainment and a gaiety that cannot be found outside. There is also a sense of comfort as the undertones of romance come through because of the elements of music and conversation. The use of costumes is vibrant and rich enhancing the romance of the film. Costumes also help establish the time period and create symbolism for the film's characters. Notice that Humphrey Bogart is always dressed in light colors or white and this establishes him as the hero of the film. In fact most of the European or Western characters, including Ingrid Bergman's white glittering gown, are dressed in light colors while the enemy's costumes are dark or military uniforms. This creates an interesting contrast of social status within the film culture.


By using film techniques, director Michael Curtiz creates a story rich in visual drama and heartfelt human connection. By doing this, the filmmaker has created an artwork to stand the test of time.

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