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Film Documentary Review: Nix on Behind Forgotten Eyes (2006)

The reviewer Nix chose to review the film Behind Forgotten Eyes (2006). The film is a documentary that addresses the comfort women, which was the term used to describe the Korean women who were forced to act as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers during World War II. The reviewer obviously had some knowledge of the history of comfort women, and used his historical knowledge as a basis for judging the film. However, he did not seem to strictly evaluate the film's historical accuracy. Whether this was because he found the film to be historically accurate or whether he was simply impressed with the emotional impact of the film is something that was not made clear in the documentary.

In fact, the reviewer took a very emotional and empathetic approach to the film review. He was clearly impressed by the story that the documentary told, and asked others to question whether they would be able to find the same strength or resiliency as the women portrayed in the film if they ever faced the same type of circumstances. In fact, while the reviewer found that the film portrayed a cruelty one would have hoped was extinguished by the 20th century, he compared what happened to the comfort women to other widely known atrocities, such as the Massacre of Nanking, the concentration camps, and Pol Pot's killing fields. The reviewer made it clear that he agreed with the documentary's director's interpretation of the comfort women's ordeal that these women were forced into sexual slavery and that they did not willingly act as prostitutes.

Because the reviewer felt that the film was separated into three acts, he addressed each part of the documentary separately. The first part of the documentary focuses on comfort women and the soldiers who utilized them giving their personal accounts of the comfort women experience. The reviewer was obviously sympathetic to the plight of the comfort women, casting them as victims and the soldiers as victimizers, which is how almost all historians view the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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