Film Explicitly Relives the Foundation Term Paper

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The film points at the challenges the people of China experienced in their unification and subsequent formation of an empire. It reveals the genesis of key issues characteristic of authoritarian rule witnessed in China. These issues to date are a common denominator in the system of government in the People's Republic of China. Since the collapse of the Qin Dynasty in 1911, China has been under the control of doctrines and philosophies. The Communist Party of China (CCP) preceded the Qin Dynasty as the founding political party. It has ever since been the only ruling political party ruling the people through a unitary system of governance, imposing communism with the exclusion of potential challengers. It is evident that governance in China is more inclined to arbitrary law rather than the rule of law just as portrayed by Qin's style of governance in The Hero. The film justifies the idea behind the belief in authoritarian type of governance in China. In the beginning of the film, a brief history of China is given describing the state of events prior to the unification of China under one ruler. There were many warring Kingdoms and these Kingdoms wanted political power. It is the same reason that led to the death of Nameless, power struggle. Without a strong centralized power wielding structure, there might be revolt in the land. A good example is the lengthy civil war that saw CCP defeat Kuomintang assuming total control of China. The result was Kuomintang retreating to the Taiwan till date. A good argument would that without the authoritarian rule, there would be many wars and a defragmented blood filled China. The film validates the present authoritarian… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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