Term Paper: Film Focuses on the Young and Sexually

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¶ … film focuses on the young and sexually independent Nola Darling who is portrayed by actress Tracy Camilla Johns. She lives in Brooklyn, New York and attempts to date three men who follow the traditional plot male archetypes: the ever the gentleman Jamie Overstreet, the narcissist and smug model Greer Childs; and young, highly talkative bicycle messenger Mars Blackmon. The plot is mainly about Nola and her attraction to the good parts in each of the men she dates. She's conflicted with her desire to be with them and her desire to remain free to make her own choices and not be tied down to either of them. The men on the other hand want her for themselves.

"She's Gotta Have it" has lexicon and flavor which contributes various elements of African-American culture, especially during that time period. In addition, it is the first movie to show off the theme of individual desire and freedom with Nola and takes that same feeling from the black liberation movement and the emergence of hip hop where it's centered towards the rapper, the individual and individual freedom. I like how the movie made Brooklyn the epicenter of black culture and gave Spike Lee's character, Mars the universal archetype of black culture at the time. It is a story of a common notion that a woman wants to date around and see her options.

The fact that it was given a unique spin with the dialogue and language gives a source of depth and topic of discussion both in and out of the film. I love the fact it was set in the summer. It gave freshness and life as the scenes transpired over hot, sunny days. It made me feel as if I was actually there living with these characters, watching them converse and deal with their present circumstances.

"She's Gotta Have it" is truly a beautiful narrative albeit slightly sexist as it conflicts with the view of who Nola is. Is she a slag or a fiercely independent and wonderfully spirited individual? The film plays with this and gives for the major source of controversy of the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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