Film Review of Elizabeth Film Review

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Queen Elizabeth I

Religion and politics are inextricably linked in English politics during Elizabeth's time, and the reason why Queen Mary's attitude towards the then Princess Elizabeth was hostile is because of their religious differences. That is, as a Catholic Queen Mary felt threatened that Princess Elizabeth would later usurp from her the position of Queen of England, not to mention changing the nation's dominant religion, which is Catholicism. Thus, as a Protestant and a potential and direct heir to the throne of Queen Mary, Princess Elizabeth is a looming and formidable threat for the Queen. It did not help that supporters of Catholicism further intensified the Queen's feelings of animosity for Princess Elizabeth, thereby making her more hostile towards her half-sister, greater than what was warranted given their religious differences and the competitive nature of their status in the society.

Queen Mary, popularly known as "Bloody Mary" because of her persecutions of non-Catholic people, had unjustly sought to preserve the power of her position as Queen and of Catholicism. Though at present, we do not hear of direct persecutions because of religious differences, political injustices are committed against people who have different religious (and political) views, much like the commitment of Muslims to jihad, interpreted as violence by non-Muslim cultures/societies.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Film Review on Film Review of Elizabeth Assignment

Elizabeth I's decision to make Protestantism England's dominant religion was, primarily, a politically-motivated move. In the same way that Queen Mary had persecuted detractors of Catholicism during her reign, Elizabeth I had also considered a religious conversion in England as an imperative… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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