1994 Genocide in Hotel Rwanda Movie Review

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The minute detail of the scene shows the bigger picture of envy among the have-nots towards the haves. Paul could have been genuine about the style lesson and wanting his friend to dress well but Dube might have taken it as him being looked down on. The reasoning at this point is difficult since the political situation in the country made everyone delusional and defensive in every argument and this must have eventually led to the massacre in 1994.

The filmmaker intended to showcase all these aspects in the society at that time that might have led to unforeseen violence. The setup of the hotel, the guests and the other people in the movie all played a role in ensuring all the themes in the movie are clearly depicted. When he had a chance to leave with his family and go abroad, Paul decided to stay and help his people. This art of self-sacrifice is unheard of but does happen since his guilty conscience could not allow him to do this. In a time of war, there are heroes amongst us and this was the depiction of this scene. The political turmoil and unrest in the country had boiled over and was sparked by the assassination of a leader. This made the Hutus angry and vowed to kill all Tutsis. The emotions in the movie were heart-rending and disturbing yet a clear depiction of what really happened.

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The major issues that emerged from this movie with reference to the Rwanda genocide were political corruption, ethnic hatred, and class difference. The most notable issue was the ethnic divide which ensured that the people remained divided and never saw eye to eye. When they used the phrase “cut down all the trees” referring to Tutsis as trees, it showed extreme hatred for the other tribe and this was just enough to spark a war that left millions of people dead. However, in the movie, the picture of hatred was not analyzed deeply and seemed superficial and also the refusal by the United Nations to interfere was inaccurate. Despite this oversight, the overall movie was inspiring and disturbing at the same time.

TOPIC: Movie Review on 1994 Genocide in Hotel Rwanda Assignment

In conclusion, ethnic clashes in most countries are a result of political corruption and power. The politicians are greedy enough to want power for themselves but do not care about the collateral damage. They can insight the civilians to kill each other for their political causes and this makes them powerful. Business elites contribute to the gap between the rich and the poor and they too precipitate issues in the country. The movie highlighted the events that happened during the Rwanda 1994 genocide that saw over one million souls lost. The ethnic hatred between the Hutus and Tutsi was clearly depicted when the massacre began and this was the whole theme of the movie up to when it ended and the fate of the Rwandese people was the same scenario in 1994.

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