Film Review of Mystic River Direct by Clint Eastwood Film Review

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¶ … Mystic River

Through decades of roles in television and film, Clint Eastwood established himself first as a strong actor, then as an acting icon, such as "Dirty Harry." He later continued his film career by moving into directing. Since becoming a director, he has made several high grossing and critically acclaimed films that challenge the viewers as much as they challenge the actors within the film. One of his films, upon which the paper will focus, is Mystic River, which was released a decade ago, in 2003. This is a film in which Eastwood served as director, producer, and film scorer; therefore, he was heavily dedicated and involved in the film because he occupied multiple key roles. The film has quite an all star cast, including the lead actors who are Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon, among others who have solid careers and reputations.

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Jimmy, Sean, and Dave have a friendship that extends back into their early teenage/late childhood years. They grew up in a working class area of Boston in the 1970s. One day, while playing hockey, the friends come across some wet cement and decide to write their names into it. Two men, pretending to be police officers, approach the boys and hassle them to the point where they take Dave into "custody" and put him into their car. The men, of course, are not real police officers, but men who harbor, torture, and sexually abuse Dave for a few days. Dave eventually escapes, but the experience plagues him and haunts him decades later.

Film Review on Film Review of Mystic River Direct by Clint Eastwood Assignment

Moving forward into the present, where the majority of the film takes place, the men who were once friends are now estranged, though still live within relative proximity to each other. Jimmy is kind of a neighborhood thug leader, with very close ties to the community he cares about so much. Sean has become a police detective, and Dave is a working class man who does construction type work. Each man is suffering from his own personal problems and dramas. Though they are estranged, they become drawn together again after Jimmy's daughter Katie is brutally, suddenly, and mysteriously murdered.

Jimmy takes it upon himself to conduct an off the grid, street-justice type of investigation into his daughter death, while Sean conducts an on the books, formal police… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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